Chuck Lorre has signed an exclusive overall deal with the Carsey-Werner Co. to create and develop new TV series.

The announcement follows reports that Lorre is giving up his role as exec producer on “Grace Under Fire,” the hit ABC series he created, after clashing with star Brett Butler (Daily Variety, March 11).

Butler publicly referred to Lorre’s exit at a Hollywood Radio & Television Society luncheon two weeks ago, though at the time the company declined comment.

Carsey-Werner said Lorre would serve as a consultant on the series in its second year but still wouldn’t confirm that Marc Flanagan, currently supervising producer on “Love & War,” would join the show as exec producer. Production on the first season wrapped Friday, and as the year’s highest-rated new series, a renewal is considered a formality.

Lorre began his affiliation with Carsey-Werner in 1990 as supervising producer on “Roseanne,” later creating the short-lived CBS comedy “Frannie’s Turn” and now “Grace,” which is averaging an 18.0 rating, 27 share in Nielsen season to date.