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Hollywood TV production chart


Abbreviation: SUPR EXP-Supervising executive producer(s); EXP-Executive producer(s); COEXP-Co-executive producer(s); SUPR PROD-Supervising producer(s); PROD-Producer(s) COPROD-Co-producer(s); DIR-Director(s); CASTING-Casting director. Affiliated production companies indicated when applicable in parentheses after show title. Anthology titles follow show title. Unless a specific director is noted, show uses various directors. Gray screen indicates new entry this week. The TV Production Chart includes only programs that cast actors in the L.A. area.



(310) 557-7777

GENERAL HOSPITAL (ABC) EXP, Wendy Riche; PROD, Shelley Curtis; COPROD, Bob Bardo; CASTING, Mark Teschner.


(416) 967-1174

DUE SOUTH (CBS) EXP, Paul Haggis; PROD, John Ryan, Yukon; Jeff King, Toronto; DIR, Fred Gerber; CASTING, John Buchan, Toronto: (416) 967-1174; Nan Dutton, L.A.: (310) 559-3826.


(310) 576-7719

DESTINY RIDGE (CBS) (In assn w/Great North Prods.) EXP, Michael MacMillian, Anne Marie La Traverse, Bill Gray; PROD, Mary Kahn, Larry Raskin, Andy Thomson; CASTING, Leslie Swan, Susan Forrest.


(310) 302-9149

BAYWATCH (firstrun synd.) EXP, Gregory J. Bonann, Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, David Hasselhoff; SUPR PROD, David Braff; PROD, James Pergola, Paul Cajero.


(310) 301-7655

THUNDER IN PARADISE (Synd) EXP, Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, Gregory J. Bonann, Terry “Hulk” Hogan; SUPR PROD, Tom Greene; COPROD, Kevin Beggs; CASTING, Susan Glicksman, Fern Orenstein (310) 301-7668.


(310) 557-1800

IT’S SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO (Synd) EXP, Bob Banner, Percy E. Sutton; PROD, Don Weiner, Chuck Sutton; DIR, Don Weiner; CASTING, Sarah Smith (206) 774-5837.

THE UPTOWN COMEDY CLUB (Synd) EXP, Bob Banner, Keith Samples; PROD, Don Weiner, Kevin Brown, Andre Brown; DIR, Don Weiner; CASTING, Sarah Smith (206) 774-5837.


(213) 852-4138

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (CBS) EXP, William J. Bell, Lee Phillip Bell; SUPR PROD, Bradley Bell; PROD, Hope Harmel Smith, John C. Zak; DIR, Deveney Marking, Michael Stich, John C. Zak; CASTING, Christy Elaine Dooley (213) 852-4501.


(310) 203-2400

THE BYRDS OF PARADISE (ABC) EXP, Steven Bochco, Charles H. Eglee, Channing Gibson; COEXP, Stephen Cragg; SUPR PROD, Joe Ann Fogle; PROD, Nick Harding; CASTING, Robert J. Ulrich, Eric Dawson.

NYPD BLUE (ABC) EXP, Steven Bochco, David Milch; COEXP, Gregory Hoblit; SUPR PROD, Michael Robin; PROD, Ted Mann; CASTING, Junie Lowry-Johnson.


(818) 991-5600

DAVE’S WORLD (CBS) (In assn w/the Producers Entertainment Group and Fred Barron Prods.) EXP, Jonathan Axelrod, Fred Barron, James Widdoes; COEXP, Donald Todd; PROD, Faye Oshima, Marco Pennette; SUPR PROD, Carol Gary; DIR, James Widdoes; CASTING, Lisa Mionie.

DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN (CBS) (in assn w/the Sullivan Co.) EXP, Beth Sullivan; COEXP, Josef Anderson; PROD, Timothy Johnson; CASTING, Alan C. Hochberg.


(213) 465-5800

COBRA (Synd) (In assn w/Gladstone Gate Prods. Ltd.) EXP, Steven Long Mitchell , Craig W. Van Sickle; SUPR PROD, N. John Smith; CASTING, Lucy Cavallo (L.A.).

THE COMMISH (ABC) (ABC Prods. in assn w/Three Putt Prods. & Stephen J. Cannell Prods.) EXP, Stephen J. Cannell, Stephen Kronish; COEXP, Robert Cochran; SUPR PROD, Joel Surnow, John Kousakis; PROD David Greenwalt; CASTING, Brad Warshaw (L.A.)

TRAPS (CBS) (In assn w/CBS Entertainment Inc.) EXP, Stephen J. Cannell; COEXP , CharlesGrant Craig, Erwin Stoff; SUPR PROD, Jo Swerling Jr.; PROD, N. John Smith; COPROD, Michael Berlin, Eric Estrin; CASTING, Lucy Cavallo (L.A.)


(818) 760-5598

GRACE UNDER FIRE (ABC) EXP, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach, Chuck Lorre; SUPR PROD, Bob Smith, Wayne Lemon, Dava Savel; PROD, Joanne Curley Kerner; COPROD, Brenda Hanes-Berg; CASTING, Marc Hirschfeld.

ROSEANNE (ABC) EXP, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Roseanne Arnold, Tom Arnold, Jay Daniel; COEXP, Rob Ulin; SUPR PROD, Eric Gilliland, Steve Pepoon, Miriam Trogdon, Amy Sherman; PROD, Al Lowenstein, Kevin Abbott; COPROD, Barbara Stoll, Sid Youngers, Stan Zimmerman, Jim Berg; CASTING, Karen Vice.


(310) 285-2300

SEINFELD (NBC) EXP, Andy Scheinman, Larry David, George Shapiro, Howard West; SUPR PROD, Tom Cherones, Larry Charles; PROD, Jerry Seinfeld, Joan Van Horn; DIR , Tom Cherones; CASTING, Liberman/Hirschfield, Brian Myers.


(213) 460-7200

DAYS OF OUR LIVES (NBC) EXP, Ken Corday; COEXP, Tom Langan; SUPR PROD, Francesca James; PROD, Steve Wyman; CASTING, Doris Sabbagh (818) 972-8339.

MARRIED … WITH CHILDREN (Fox) EXP, Michael G. Moye; COEXP, Katherine Green; SUPR PROD, Kim Weiskopf; PROD, John Anderson, Stacie Lipp; COPROD, Larry Jacobson; CASTING, Vicki Rosenberg (213) 460-7593.

MUDDLING THROUGH (CBS) EXP, Barton Dean; SUPR PROD, Clay Graham, Dan Palladino; PROD, Barbara Dorio; CASTING, Jason La Padura, Natalie Hart (213) 460 -7416.

PHENOM (In assn w/Gracie Films) (ABC) EXP, James L. Brooks, Dick Blasucci, Danny Kallis; COEXP, Jon Vitt; SUPR PROD, Dave Richardson; PROD, Richard Sakai, Kathy Stumpe, Hudson Hickman; COPROD, Fred Graver, Tracey Ormandy; DIR, Will MacKenzie; CASTING, Juel Bestrop (310) 280-5691.

704 HAUSER (In assn w/Act III Television and Castle Rock Entertainment) (CBS) EXP, Norman Lear, Mark E. Pollack; COEXP, John Baskin, Roger Shulman; PROD, Patricia Fass Palmer; DIR, Jack Shea; CASTING, Brian Chavanne (L.A.) (213) 848- 7381.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (CBS) EXP, William J. Bell, Edward Scott; PROD, David Shaughnessy; CASTING, Jill Wilson (213) 852-2532.


(818) 985-0430

NORTHERN EXPOSURE(CBS) (In assn w/Brand/Falsey Prods.) EXP, David Chase, Diane Frolov, Andrew Schneider; COEXP, Michael Vittes; SUPR PROD, Robin Green, Cheryl Bloch, Michael Fresco, Jeff Melvoin; COPROD, Martin Bruestle; CASTING, Megan Branman, Heidi Walker.


(310) 201-9200

MARTIN (Fox) EXP, John Bowman; COEXP, Matt Wickline, Sandy Frank; PROD, Terry Crotzer, Brian Richburg; COPROD, Cheryl Holiday; CASTING, Eileen Knight.


(310) 445-1111

GETTING GOTTI (CBS) EXP, Donald Kushner, Peter Locke; DIR, Roger Young.

HARTS OF THE WEST (CBS) EXP, Robert Moloney, Peter Locke, Donald Kushner; COEXP, Jill Gordon; SUPR PROD, Chris Ruppenthal, Johnathan Debin; CASTING, Annette Benson.


(805) 295-0377

SECOND CHANCES (CBS) EXP, Lynn Marie Latham, Bernard Lechowick; PROD, Deepak Nayar; COPROD, Deborah Norton; DIR, Sharron Miller; CASTING, Rik Pagano.



IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (CBS) EXP, Carroll O’Connor, Fred Silverman; SUPR PROD, Ed Ledding; PROD, Joe Gannon; COPROD, Herb Adelman, Victoria LaFortune; CASTING, Jan Glaser.


(818) 760-5942

EVENING SHADE (CBS) (In assn w/CBS Entertainment Prods./Mozark Prods./BR Prods.) EXP, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, Harry Thomason, Burt Reynolds; COEXP, Victor Fresco; SUPR PROD, Thom Bray, Michael Ross; PROD, Douglas Jackson, Tommy Thompson, Lamar Jackson, Kim Friese, James Hampton, Craig Hoffman; CASTING, Fran Bascom.


(818) 905-0060

THE CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR — MEN OF COURAGE (synd) PROD, John Meyer, BJ Davis; DIR, Jeff Weston, Bill Levy, BJ Davis; CASTING, Craig Campobasso.

THE REAL TEXAS RANGERS — THE UNTOLD STORIES (synd) PROD, John Meyer, BJ Davis; COPROD, Andy Lane, Wayne Crawford; DIR, Steve Kanaly, Andy Lane, Wayne Crawford; CASTING, Craig Campobasso.


(818) 840-4444

FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR (NBC) (In assn w/Stuffed Dog Co. & Quincy Jones Entertainment) EXP, Gary Miller, Quincy Jones; COEXP, Benny Medina, Jeff Pollack , Leslie Ray, David Simon; SUPR PROD, Bill Boulware; PROD, Maya Williams, Werner Walian; DIR, Shelley Jensen; CASTING, Monica Swann.

WING AND A PRAYER (NBC) (in assn w/ Bonnie Raskin Prods.) EXP, Bonnie Raskin; PROD, Frank Fischer; CASTING, Jackie Briskey.


(407) 659-3832

THE NEWZ (synd) EXP, Michael H. Gerber, James McNamara; PROD, Michael Wilson.


(213) 956-5000

FRASIER (NBC) (In assn w/Grub Street Prods.) EXP, David Angell, Peter Casey, David Lee; COEXP, Christopher Lloyd; SUPR PROD, Denise Moss, Sy Dukane; PROD, Maggie Randell; DIR, James Burrows; CASTING, Jeff Greenberg.

THE MOMMIES (NBC) (In assn w/Speer/Grossman Prods.) EXP, Kathy Speer, Terry Grossman; SUPR PROD, Nick LeRose; PROD, Marica Govons, Bill Rosenthal, Gary Brown, Michael Davidoff; CASTING, Jeff Oshen.

SISTER, SISTER (ABC) EXP, Suzanne de Passe, Suzanne Coston, Sy Rosen; COEXP, Irene Dreayer; SUPR PROD, Josh Goldstein; PROD, Joey Scott, Carrie Honigblum, Renee Phillips; CASTING, Monica Swan, Betsy McNeal.

STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE (synd) EXP, Rick Berman, Michael Piller; COEXP, Ira Steven Behr; SUPR PROD, David Livingston, Jim Crocker; PROD, Peter Lauritson , Peter Allan Fields; CASTING, Junie Lowry-Johnson.

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (synd) EXP, Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor; SUPR PROD, David Livingston; PROD, Peter Lauritson, Ron Moore, Merri Howard; COPROD, Wendy Neuss, Brannon Braga; CASTING, Junie Lowry-Johnson.

THE UNTOUCHABLES (synd) EXP, Christopher Crowe; COEXP, Steve Bello, Al Ruggiero; PROD, Tim Iacofano, Fredrick J. Lyle; COPROD, Thomas R. Polizzi; CASTING, Jane Alderman.

VIPER (NBC) (In assn w/Pet Fly Prods.) EXP, Danny Bilson, Paul De Meo; COEXP, Don Kurt; PROD, David L. Beanes, Michael Lacoe; CASTING, April Webster.

WINGS (NBC) (In assn w/Grub Street Prods.) EXP, David Angell, Peter Casey, Dave Hackel, David Lee; COEXP, Mark Reisman, Howard Gewritz; SUPR PROD, Ian Gurvitz; PROD, Robin Chamberlin; CASTING, Jeff Greenberg, Sheila Guthrie.


(212) 977-9001

SCARLETT EXP, Robert Halmi; PROD, Dick Rosenbloom; DIR, John Erman.


(818) 954-6000

ISLAND CITY (in assn w/Warners Consortium/PTEN and Warner Bros. Television) EXP, Lee Rich, Bruce Sallan, Jonathan Glassner; PROD, Chris Chulack; DIR, Jorge Montesi; CASTING, Mark Saks.


(818) 846-0030

HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES (synd) (in assn w/Gaumont Television) EXP, Christian Charret, Marla Ginsberg, Bill Panzer, Peter Davis.


(818) 972-4800

HONOR THY FATHER AND MOTHER: THE MENENDEZ MURDERS (Fox) EXP, Lance Robbins; PROD, Ronnie Hader; DIR, Paul Schneider.


(619) 974-8988

RENEGADE (synd) (in assn w/Cannell Studios) EXP, Stu Segall, Bill Nuss; SUPR PROD, Charles Grant Craig; CASTING, Barbara Claman.

SILK STALKINGS (synd) (In assn w/Cannell Studios) EXP, Stu Segall, David Peckinpah; SUPR PROD, Jerry Brown; CASTING, Barbara Claman.


(416) 360-4321

ROBOCOP: THE SERIES (synd) (in assn w/Rysher TPE) EXP, Stephen Downing, Kevin Gillis, Brian K. Ross; PROD, J. Miles Dale; CASTING, Tillman/Gray L.A.


(213) 965-5700

BURKE’S LAW (CBS) EXP, Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent; COEXP, James L. Conway; SUPR PROD, Joel J. Feigenbaum; PROD, Abby Singer; CASTING, Robin Lippin.

BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 (Fox) EXP, Charles Rosin, Darren Star; SUPR PROD, Jessica Klein, Steve Wasserman; PROD, Paul Waigner; CASTING, Dianne Young.

MELROSE PLACE (Fox) (In assn w/Darren Star Prods. Inc.) EXP, Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent, Darren Star; COEXP, Frank South; SUPR PROD, Chuck Pratt; PROD, Chip Hayes; CASTING, Debra Rubinstein.


(818) 560-1000

BOY MEETS WORLD (ABC) (In assn w/Michael Jacobs Prods.) EXP, Michael Jacobs; COEXP, April Kelly, Ed Decter, John J. Strauss; PROD, Arlene Grayson; COPROD, Susan Estelle Jansen; DIR, David Trainer; CASTING, Gene Blythe, Sally Stiner.

HOME IMPROVEMENT (ABC) (In assn w/Wind Dancer Prod. Group) EXP, Matt Williams , David McFadzean, Carmen Finestra, Elliot Shoenman, Bob Bendetson; SUPR PROD, Bruce Ferber; COPROD, Howard Morris; DIR, Andy Cadiff; CASTING, Debbie Barylski.

THE SINBAD SHOW (Fox) (Touchstone Television) EXP, Sinbad, Marc Sotkin; SUPR PROD, Arnie Kogan, Tom Wheadon; COPROD, Calvin Brown Jr.; CASTING, Eileen Knight , Monica Swann.

THESE FRIENDS OF MINE (ABC) (In assn w/the Black Marlens Co.) EXP, Carol Black, Neal Marlens; COEXP, David Rosenthal, Warren Bell; PROD, Mark Grossan, Richard Day; CASTING, Lisa London, Brian Chavanne.

THUNDER ALLEY (ABC) (In assn w/Wind Grass Prods. and Wind Dancer Productions.) EXP, Carmen Finestra, David McFadzean, Matt Williams; PROD, Gayle S. Maffeo, Tim Doyle; DIR, Barnet Kellman.


(213) 460-7200

GOOD ADVICE (CBS) (In assn w/Infront Prods.) EXP, Danny Jacobson, Michael Patrick King, Tom Palmer; COEXP, Martin Mickelson; PROD, Jon Spector, Elaine Aronson, Jeanette Collins, Mimi Friedman; COPROD, Elaine Aronson, Jeanette Collins, Mimi Friedman; CASTING, Cheryl Bayer (310) 202-3368

MAD ABOUT YOU (NBC) (In assn w/Nuance Prods. & Infront Prods.) EXP, Danny Jacobson, Jeffrey Lane; PROD, Paul Reiser, Bruce Chevillat; COPROD, Steve Paymer , Billy Grundfest, Eileen Conn, Andrew Gordon; CASTING, Susan Vash.

THE NANNY (CBS) (In assn w/Sternin/Fraser Ink Inc.) EXP, Rob Sternin, Prudence Fraser; COEXP, Peter Marc Jacobson, Sally Lapiduss, Pamela Eells; SUPR PROD, Howard Meyers; PROD, Kathy Landsberg, Fran Drescher, Diane Wilk; DIR, Will MacKenzie; CASTING, Mark Hirschfeld (213) 525-1381.


(310) 277-2211

IN LIVING COLOR (Fox) EXP, Greg Fields, Les Firestein, Pam Veasey; PROD, Kevin Berg; COPROD, Coral Hawthorne; DIR, Terri McCoy; CASTING, Betsy Fels.

L.A. LAW (NBC) EXP, William Finkelstein; COEXP, Mark Tinker, Elodie Keene; PROD, Denny Salvaryn; COPROD, Anne Kenney; CASTING, Beth Hymson-Ayer, Simon Ayer.

PICKET FENCES (CBS) (In assn w/David E. Kelley Prods.) EXP, David E. Kelley; COEXP, Michael Pressman; PROD, Alice West, Robert M.Breech, Ann Donahue, Jonathan Pontell; COPROD, Geoffrey Neigher; CASTING, Rick pagano, Sharon Bialy, Debi Manwiller.

THE SIMPSONS (Fox) (In assn. w/Gracie Films) EXP, David Mirkin, James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon; COEXP, Jace Richdale; SUPR PROD, Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein, Harold Kimmel; PROD, Richard Sakai, Richard Raynis, David Silverman, John Swartzwelder, David Sacks, Mike Scully, Jonathan Collier; COPROD , Greg Daniels, Joe Boucher.

SOUTH CENTRAL(Fox) (In assn. w/Slick/Mac Prods.) EXP, Ralph Farguhar, Michael Weithorn; SUPR PROD, Kathleen McGhee-Anderson; PROD, William E. Baker; DIR, Stan Lathan; CASTING, Jaki Brown & Associates, (310)203-4310.

THE X FILES (Fox) (In assn w/Ten Thirteen Prods.) EXP, Chris Carter; COEXP, R.W. Goodwin, James Wong, Glen Morgan; CASTING, Rick Millikan.



COACH (ABC) EXP, Barry Kemp; COEXP, Alan Kirschenbaum, Craig T. Nelson; SUPR PROD, Joseph Staretski, Martin Rips; PROD, Jay Kleckner, Oliver Goldstick, Phil Rosenthal, Jeremy Stevens; COPROD, Scott Buck; CASTING, Dava Waite.

LAW & ORDER (NBC) EXP, Dick Wolf; COEXP, Ed Sherin, Walon Green; SUPR PROD, Robert Nathan; PROD, Jeffrey Hayes, Arthur Forney, Michael Chernuchin; COPROD, Lewis H. Gould, Rene Balcer; CASTING, Lynn Kressel, Suzanne Ryan.

MURDER, SHE WROTE (CBS) EXP, Angela Lansbury; SUPR PROD, Bruce Lansbury, Mark Burley; PROD, Tom Sawyer; COPROD, Todd London; CASTING, Ron Stephenson.

SEAQUEST DSV (NBC) EXP, David J. Burke, Patrick Hasburgh, Steven Spielberg; COEXP, Robert Engels; SUPR PROD, Les Sheldon; PROD, David Kemper; CASTING, Anne Winthrop.


(818) 550-7500

DIAGNOSIS MURDER (CBS) (The Fred Silverman Co., Dean Hargrove Prods., in assn w/Viacom Prods.) EXP, Fred Silverman, Dean Hargrove; SUPR PROD, Joyce Burditt; PROD, Mark Masuoka, Barry Steinberg; CASTING, Maureen A. Arata.

MATLOCK (ABC) (The Fred Silverman Co., Dean Hargrove Prods. in assn w/Viacom Prods.) EXP, Fred Silverman, Andy Griffith, Joel Steiger; COEXP, Gerald Sanoff; SUPR PROD, Jeff Peters; PROD, Anne Collins; COPROD, Bill Kerr; CASTING, Ulrich/Dawson.

PERRY MASON MOVIES (NBC) (The Fred Silverman Co., Dean Hargrove Prods. in assn w/Viacom Prods.) EXP, Fred Silverman, Dean Hargrove; COEXP, Joel Steiger; SUPR PROD, Joyce Burditt; PROD, Barry Steinberg; CASTING, Ulrich/Dawson.

RAY ALEXANDER: MURDER IN MIND (NBC) (Dean Hargrove Prods. and Logo Entertainment, in assn w/Viacom Prods.) EXP, Dean Hargrove; COEXP, Hillard Elkins, Dennis Considine; PROD, Peter Katz; CASTING, Beth Klein.


(818) 954-6000

THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY JR. (Fox) (In assn w/Boam/Cuse Prods.) EXP, Carlton Cuse; SUPR PROD, Tom Chehak, Brad Kern, John Wirth; PROD, Paul Marks; COPROD, Russell Denove; CASTING, John Levey.

THE GEORGE CARLIN SHOW (FOX) (In assn w/Main Sequence Ltd., a Sweet Freedom Prod.) EXP, Sam Simon, George Carlin, Jerry Hamza; PROD, Michael Stanislavsky; CASTING, Barbara Miller, Marks Saks.

KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES (PTEN) (In assn w/WB Distribution Canada Ltd.) EXP, Michael Sloan; SUPR PROD, Maurice Hurley; COPROD, David Carradine, Martin Borycki; PROD, Susan Murdoch; CASTING, Susan Forrest, John Levey.

LIVING SINGLE (Fox) EXP, Tom Anderson, Yvette Lee; COEXP, David Cohen, Roger Schulman; PROD, Patricia Rickey; COPROD, Becky Hartman; CASTING, Barbara Miller, Geraldine Leder.

MURPHY BROWN (CBS) (In assn w/Shukovsky English Ent.) EXP, Gary Dontzig, Steven Peterman, Korby Siamis; SUPR PROD, Nell Scovell, Mike Saltzman, Bill Diamond; PROD, Deborah Smith, Bob Jeffords, Ned Davis, Eileen Heisler, DeAnn Heline, Rob Bragin; CASTING, Andrea Cohen.

TIME TRAX (PTEN) (In assn w/Gary Nardino Prods.) EXP, Harve Bennett, Jeffrey Hayes, Gary Nardino, Grant Rosenberg; PROD, Darryl Sheen; CASTING, Barbara Miller, Ellie Kanner.

TOM (CBS) (In assn w/Wapello County Prods.) EXP, Tom Arnold, Roseanne Arnold, Steve Pepoon; SUPR PROD, David Silverman, Steve Sustarsic; PROD, Sid Youngers, Deborah Oppenheimer; CASTING, Barbara Miller, Deedee Bradley, Janet Turkmany.


(213) 464-1333

BLOSSOM (NBC) (In assn w/Touchstone TV) EXP, Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Don Reo, Rob LaZebnik, Judith D. Allison; SUPR PROD, Glen Merzer; PROD, Ken Koch , Joe Bergen, Brenda Hampton; COPROD, Jonathan Schmock; CASTING, Ellen Meyer.

EMPTY NEST (NBC) (In assn w/Touchstone TV) EXP, Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas , Susan Harris, Fred Freeman, Larry Cohen; COEXP, Nina Feinberg; SUPR PROD, Peter Gallay, Bob Tischler, Rick Newberger; PROD, Dennis Snee, Regina Larsen; COPROD, Ursula Ziegler, Steve Sullivan, Regina Stewart Larsen, Dennis Snee; DIR, Steve Zuckerman; CASTING, Ellen Meyer.

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HERMAN’S HEAD (Fox) (In assn w/Touchstone TV) EXP, Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, David Babcock; COEXP, Nina Feinberg, Mark Ganzel; PROD, Bill Freiberger, Adam Markowitz, Joel Madison; CASTING, Cheryl Bayer.

THE JOHN LARROQUETTE SHOW (NBC) EXP, Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Don Reo, John Larroquette; COEXP, Judith D. Allison, Mitch Hurwitz; SUPR PROD, Jim Vallely; PROD, J.J. Wall, Joe Bergen; DIR, John P. Whitesell; CASTING, Kathleen Letterie (213) 962-5575.

MY KIND OF TOWN (Fox) EXP, Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, David Landsberg; COEXP, Howard Gould; DIR, Peter Hunt; CASTING, Kathleen Letterie (213) 962-5575.

NURSES (NBC) (In assn w/Touchstone TV) EXP, Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Susan Harris, Tom Straw; SUPR PROD, Boyd Hale; PROD, Danny Smith, Gilbert Junger; DIR, Gilbert Junger; CASTING, April Webster.

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