Eastman Kodak Co. unveiled its new high-speed, high-resolution color film stock Thursday at both ShowBiz Expo East and in Los Angeles.

The film, the latest in Kodak’s series of EXR film, can manage to capture images in dark shadows and get clear pictures at night without lighting, all at high speeds.

Kodak also believes the film, known as EXR 5298, will give cinematographers more flexibility and could save money. Because the film handles darkness better than Kodak’s existing high-speed stock, shooting times can be extended longer as natural light fades.

And the ability to capture images in shadows better will also allow filmmakers to eliminate lights and cut setup time.

“As you can see into the shadows more, it causes you to use lighting differently,” said Frederick C. Franzwa, who runs Kodak’s Western U.S. and Canada operations.

Kodak expects the new film to steal some market share from its current 5296 and to a lesser extent from its slower, but high-resolution, 5293. The new film will be introduced in February and rationed initially.