Of the top 100 global earners in film for 1993, 88 were American productions. But 52% of the total grosses was generated outside the U.S. Those are among the findings of the first Daily Variety global box office survey.

The total world gross of the top 100 pix came to $ 8.05 billion. The chart was led by Warner Bros.,1whose entries totaled $ 1.82 billion. With revenues from lesser films added in, Warner should account for an unprecedented $ 2 billion. Disney’s 21 chart entries were just a little bit less than $ 1.2 billion, with six animated titles accounting for 45% of all its grosses.

Only six non-English-language pix earned a berth in the top 100, the biggest being France’s “Les Visiteurs,” which racked up $ 89 million overseas.

The Daily Variety survey showed that action-thrillers with big stars fared the best abroad, but that three films in that genre performed better on home turf –“In the Line of Fire,””Rising Sun” and “The Firm.” Among comedies, “Made in America” and “Dennis the Menace” performed best outside U.S. borders.