Roseanne and Tom Arnold may have made up, but that didn’t turn out to be good news for staffers at their Wapello County Prods.

Sources say nearly all the employees were let go Friday, apparently because of their perceived role in the brief, if much-publicized, split between the Arnolds that played out in the media last week.

At least five, and possibly as many as 10, company staffers were said to have been fired, although Kim Silva — who was put at the center of the controversy in press accounts — wasn’t among them.

In a statement Thursday regarding the decision to withdraw her divorce petition, Arnold apologized to her husband and Silva “for letting outsiders, nasty gossip and lies finally break me down and leave me reeling.”

That’s now seen as a referenceto staffers, whom the “Roseanne” star had questioned about Arnold and Silva before filing for divorce. In addition, employees perceived as having sided with Roseanne Arnold (some were deposed by her attorney) were summarily terminated.

The Arnolds couldn’t be reached for comment. The couple is taking the week off, resulting in a production break on their CBS series, “Tom,” which taped Friday evening and has three episodes left to produce. “Roseanne” has completed production for the season.

Silva was named senior VP of the production company last June and was part of a “three-way marriage” hoax carried out by the couple in December.

In addition to “Tom,” Wapello County has multiple series commitments at ABC, with the pilot “Cherry Street, South of Main” a candidate for next season.