GoodTimes Entertainment Co., best known for its Cindy Crawford, Mary Tyler Moore, Fabio and Marky Mark exercise videos, announced Tuesday the formation of a feature film division, GT Productions, and a distribution deal with Wal-Mart for its computer software products.

GT Productions has already lined up a hefty slate, with five live-action features and 28 animated ones in various stages of development.

The new division, which will produce feature film and television releases, announced its intent to churn out approximately five live-action films yearly, with budgets of $ 3 million to $ 5 million per film.

These features will be produced jointly with Protocol Entertainment, a Canadian production house. GoodTimes is currently casting for its first release, “Pocahontas,” which will wrap this summer. This is not to be confused with the Disney animated feature of the same name, which is due for release next year.

“Our core business is the homevideo market. It is necessary for us to be able to fund our own program releases, vs. relying onthird-party ones,” said GoodTimes senior vice president Andrew Greenberg.

GT Productions’ 28 animated features are aimed at both the domestic and international TV and homevideo markets. The hourlong titles will compete with classic Walt Disney films for dollars.

Recently, GoodTimes won a lawsuit brought against it by Disney, for a GoodTimes “Aladdin” video.

Among the upcoming animated titles are “Cinderella,””Snow White,””Sleeping Beauty,””Alice in Wonderland,””The Jungle Book,””Heidi” and “Black Beauty.”

Also announced Tuesday is an exclusive software distribution deal between GoodTimes Interactive Software and Wal-Mart, the country’s largest retailer.