‘Curious’ doc shopping U.S.

Dublin-based Frontier Films is looking for a U.S. outlet for its hourlong documentary about influential rock band the Velvet Underground.

“Curious … the Velvet Underground in Europe” weaves footage of the band’s late ’60s heyday under mentor Andy Warhol with interviews conducted during last summer’s reunion tour in Europe.

It was underwritten by Channel Four, the U.K. broadcaster that aired it in January.

But while the film won a warm welcome from U.S. fans at the Museum of Television & Radio’s premiere Jan. 27, producer David Heffernan faces an uphill battle finding a broadcaster willing to air it in the U.S.

“This is not something that will make it into heavy rotation on MTV,” said Heffernan, who won a 1990 CableAce award for his docu “The Session.”

“But it would be a major disappointment if we are unable to find a U.S. outlet for one of America’s most influential bands.”

The Museum of Television & Radio is screening “Curious” through Feb. 27.