This year’s Intl. Critics’ Week pix, the Cannes Film Festival’s nod to the next generation of filmmakers, hail from locales as disparate as Iran and Uruguay.

Often on their way to or from beginners’ festivals such as Sundance, the seven films from first- or second-time directors are chosen annually by a panel of French critics and judged by an international jury, at nightly screenings among the flashier offerings at Cannes.

The Critics’ Week pictures have often gone on to greater glory or box office, as did the ’92 Belgian cult success “Man Bites Dog.”

French helmer Jacques Audiard’s competition opener, “Regarde les hommes tomber,” is a murder mystery, as are Dane Ole Bornedal’s “Nattevagten” (Nightwatch) and Uruguayan Pablo Dotta’s “The Airship,” which is also Uruguay’s first feature film.

Ebrahim Mokhtari’s “Zinat,” from Iran, and Palestinian Rashid Masharawi’s “Curfew” explore personal and public oppression, while American Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” and Dutch director Frouke Fokkema’s “Wildegroei” (It Will Never Be Spring) take a surreal look at everyday life.

The Intl. Critics’ Week selections follow:


“Regard les hommes tomber,” Jacques Audiard (France)

“Zinat,” Ebrahim Mokhtari (Iran)

“Nattevagten,” Ole Bornedal (Denmark)

“Hatta Ishaar Akhar” (Curfew), Rashid Masharawi (Palestine/The Netherlands)

“Clerks,” Kevin Smith (U.S.)

“El Dirigible” (The Airship), Pablo Dotta (Uruguay)

“Wildegroei” (It Will Never Be Spring), Frouke Fokkema (The Netherlands)


“One Night Stand,” Bill Britten (U.K.)

“Poubelles,” Olias Barco (France)

“Ponchada” (Flat), Alejandra Moya (Mexico)

“Os Salteadores” (The Outlaws), Abi Feijo (Portugal)

“Home Away From Home,” Maureen Blackwood (U.K.)

“Off Key,” Karethe Lenaae (Canada)

“Performance Anxiety,” David S. Ewing (U.S.)



President Jose Carlos Avellar (Brazil)

Secretary Philippe J. Maarek (France)

N.T. Binh (France)

Hugo Davenport (U.K.)

Susanne Horst (Germany)

Adam Horoszczak (Poland)

Gilles Marsolais (Canada)

Christos Mitsis (Greece)

Gidi Orsher (Israel)

Tomas Perez Turrent (Mexico)

Walter Vian (Switzerland)