A Los Angeles director who claims Nirvana stole his idea for a musicvideo has filed suit against the grunge band and leader Kurt Cobain charging copyright infringement.

Kevin Kerslake, whose directing credits include videos for R.E.M., Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode and four for Nirvana, filed the federal suit Wednesday, according to his lawyer, Jodi Sax.

Kerslake contends that he submitted five proposals to Cobain for the song “Heart Shaped Box” last year and was preparing to film the video when he learned the job had been given to someone else.

Confusion abounds

Kerslake contends that after the “Box” video was filmed with another director, Cobain claimed the concept as his own. Cobain even appeared in an MTV News segment swearing on a Bible and asserting his veracity, Kerslake said.

Calls to Nirvana manager Janet Billig and the band’s publicist at Geffen Records asking for comment were not immediately returned.

Cobain was recently released from a Rome hospital following a coma-inducing overdose of drugs and alcohol.