L.A. AFTRA members have elected several incumbents to the local and national boards.

In the local board category, Toey Caldwell, Jacque Lynn Colton, Jay Gerber, Edie Lehmann, Pat Li, Rita Lynn, Paul Napier, Francis Reid and Kelly Shapiro maintained their seats.

Nina Diamante and Carole Elliot were the only non-incumbents to be voted in.

Other local board seats went to announcers Mike Laurence and Bernie Alan, newsperson Chris Harris, singers Susan Boyd and Alex Benedetti, dancer Scott Musgrove and sportscaster Peter Arbogast. All except Benedetti and Arbogast were incumbents.

On the national board, reelected members include Frank Aletter, Fred Anderson , Susan Boyd, Fred Holliday, Jon Joyce, Peter Leeds, Frank Maxwell, Yale Summers , Millie Wright, Elliot, Li, Reid and Shapiro.

Peggy McCay, Angel Tompkins and Spice Williams are new national members.