Willis gets different type of action in ‘Night’

GOOD MORNING: Bruce Willis was kicking open the door of a mansion in Hancock Park early yesterday morning when we visited the location of Hollywood Pictures’ “Color of Night.” But, it’s a love story, Willis and director Richard Rush assured me. “It’ll be a fight to get an R,” Rush added –“It’s that erotic.” While love scenes between Mrs. Willis (Demi Moore) and Robert Redford were left to our imagination in “Indecent Proposal,” there’ll be little left to wonder about in love scenes between Bruce and Jane March (“The Lover”). Rush said of the young March, “She’s got the kind of beauty that makes grown men cry!” Willis was smiling. He looks better than he has in several movies. He’s on a health kick, in great shape, youthful-looking, clean-shaven, hair neatly parted to one side. He told me he’s been looking forward to getting this movie made (he plays a psychologist) for three years. The script by Matthew Chapman and Billy Ray, director Rush and producers Andy Vajna, David Matalon and Buzz Feitshans finally made it happen at Hollywood. They hope to sell it as a love story, but Willis fans need not worry — there’s plenty of action — like a chase on the freeway, another with a train, a car falling from 15 stories on (or near) Willis. And a trick ending. Cameraman Dietrich Lohmann and production designer Jim Schoppe have also cooked up some visual tricks, such as Willis’ aversion to blood causing all items in red to be photo’d in black and white! … Willis says he and wife Demi plan to team in a screwball comedy — in the near future. He had a day between the start of “Night” and the windup of “Striking Distance.” And he’ll have about the same space before starting his next, “North.” He then plans to take a break to be with their two young children as he had before the current trio of pix. As for another “Die Hard,” Dick Donner told me he’d like to back-to-back “III” and “IV.” Willis said that would be OK with him — but the stories have yet to be satisfactorily licked … His brother David Willis is co-producer on “Color of Night” and younger brother Robert handles the publicity. Latter’s also written a script, “Comfort,” in which the lead character plays the harmonica. No, it’s not for brother Bruce, he said it’s for a younger man … Two-time Oscar nominee Shirley Knight, who co-stars in “Color of Night,” told me her daughter, thesp Kaitlin Hopkins (“Another World”) and Judge Reinhold will wed next May in Santa Fe. Knight is editing “Far From Home,” a musical about the homeless she directed at the AFI.

THE DIRECTORS GUILD of Great Britain celebrated its 10th anni at London’s Planet Hollywood, which was shuttered to the public on Monday night by host (co-owner) Robert Earl. Fred Zinnemann (86) was toasted with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the nighttime ceremony, closed-satellited to the DGA here at lunchtime. Alan Parker in L.A. led a group including Val Guest, Ken Annakin, George Schaefer, Jud Taylor, etc. While at the London Planet Hollywood, James Callan Jones, Edward Fox and Jeremy Irons read wires of congrats. They included one from President Clinton saying his favorite pic was Zinnemann’s “High Noon.” Steven Spielberg’s said he learned from Mr. Z. Those on hand in London included Michael Winner, Sinead Cusack, John Schlesinger, Sam Wanamaker and Dom DeLuise — all of whom also checked out the screening room in the eatery as well … Oliver Stone is too modest to tell us, but I got a call from Ed Kelly, a teacher for disabled Navajo children in the Chinle Valley School outside the Flagstaff location of Stone’s “Natural Born Killers.” When Kelly told Stone of his need for funds to take the kids on a trek to L.A. (Disneyland and Universal Studios), the director, filming on the Navajo reservation, wrote out a check pronto to cover much of the expenses. (Kelly’s still hoping to get the balance from other generous showbiz workers who’ve filmed on the location.) Stone’s built a prison set, created a tornado in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico, for the movie. Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis star as the serial killers extraordinaire, Robert Downey Jr. as the tabloid journalist.

LINDA BLOODWORTH-THOMASON DONATES her entire “Designing Women” salary (and has for the past five years) to the Claudia Co. to encourage education. And she just awarded a red Mazda Miata to 18-year-old James Davis of Poplar Bluff, Mo., Linda’s hometown — he won the contest for the student closest to reading 100 books … Michele Lee, Dr. Judith Reichman (Mrs. Gil Cates), Tova Borgnine, Laurie Levenson and Marilyn Ziering are honorees today at the Four Seasons as Women of Achievement by the Friends of Sheba Medical Center. Michele Lee and Ken Kragen are developing the “Dottie West Story” for CBS … Sad to report Marlo Lewis (77) died yesterday in Palm Springs. He was producer of “The Ed Sullivan Show” and CBS’ VP of comedy, music and variety programming before his retirement to the desert, where he produced (gratis) fund-raising shows for the Eisenhower Medical Center … Close to a million-$ was raised at the 13th annual St. Jude fundraiser last Friday headlined by Whitney Houston and chaired by Marlo, Terre and Tony Thomas … Patricia Barry changed her sked for ABC’s “Loving” so she can officiate here Friday as president of Women in Films’ Crystal Awards.