U’s Citywalk off to running start

GOOD MORNING: “This is a great week for us,” Sid Sheinberg told me at Universal Citywalk’s Gladstone’s eatery. The 760-seat restaurant was packed. Outside, Citywalk was as jammed as Times Square on New Year’s Eve, crowds were filling Universal Studios Hollywood park and lines were deep at the U Amphi box office for “Jesus Christ Superstar.” That’s only the beginning folks, as Sheinberg reminded this Saturday (starting at 7 ayem!) the “Back to the Future” ride opens — before mentioning the biggest blowout of all this week –“Jurassic Park.” Also dining at Gladstone’s were Sheinberg’s cousins, newly emigrated here from Odessa. And representatives of Matsushita were also enjoying Bob Morris’ $ 7.5 million restaurant, run by Bernard Boivin (who started at Ma Maison). We joined the Japanese afterward at Universal’s Alfred Hitchcock theater to cheer Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park,” which will soon fill to overflowing the studio’s coffers. Steven’s back from Poland and “Schindler’s List.” I asked Sheinberg if he’d discussed the “Jurassic” sequel with him as yet? “Not one conversation about it. I’m still waiting for the sequel to ‘E.T.,’ ” he laughed. “But I think this (‘Jurassic’) will be the biggest picture of all time.” Also at Gladstone’s, Roger Daltrey with agent Marion Rosenberg en route to the U Amphi to see “Jesus Christ, Superstar”– Daltrey may tour with it. While here, he’ll sing at Saturday’s wedding of Paul De Joria (Paul Mitchell hair products) and Eloise Broady … Citywalk II is already in the plotting (two years away). As Sheinberg pointed out, “We hope people who visit the tour will feed into Citywalk — and vice versa.” It’s working. The theme-filled eateries and shops in Citywalk will soon add Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe and the Hollywood Athletic Club (created on Sunset Blvd. by David Gilmour, Jay Boland and Tom Salter). The two-week-old Citywalk is already a hit.

SHARON STONE” IN AMBLIN’S “Flintstones” is now “Rosetta Stone” (get it?), reports Halle Berry who plays her. Sharon loved the idea of Berry (who starred as Alex Haley’s “Queen”) playing the part. “She sent me flowers and a note and said it was a hoot!” The fact Berry’s playing a part originally planned for Sharon “is another small victory,” admitted Berry. Her role in “Father Hood” with Patrick Swayze was originally written for a white man, she told me. “It’s important that roles not be written specifically for a black man or woman,” said Berry, also in “The Program” with James Caan and Craig Sheffer later this year. In “The Flintstones,” Berry’s costume is very, very brief — she hasn’t shown it to husband, Atlanta Braves’ David Justice! She also says the dinosaurs in this Universal (Amblin) movie are friendly — and may be alumni of Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park,” the thesp reports … Among those at Sunday’s Robert Kennedy 25 th anniversary memorial in D.C. was Robert Vaughn, who had been on the funeral train from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in N.Y. to the Arlington interment. Vaughn reunioned at Ethel Kennedy’s Hickory Hill home in McLean, Va., with John Frankenheimer, Andy Williams and George Stevens Jr., whom he hadn’t seen since the funeral. Vaughn, who moved to Connecticut years ago, next starts Fox’s “Danger Theater.” “I’m a cross between Robert Stack in ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ and Inspector Clouseau,” says Vaughn, who also has “Dr. Sam Weeds, Sleuth” in development.

MAJOR LITERARY COUPS for CAA with the signings of Larry Gelbart and Sunday’s Tony winner Tony Kushner ( “Angels in America”) (Kushner retains agent Joyce Ketay for legit representation) … Get this picture: 10,000 fans in Cologne’s public square Sunday, singing along with Frank Sinatra on “Mack the Knife”– and “My Way”… It was hard to follow the press confab featuring Elizabeth Glaser and four HIV-infected children at Sunday afternoon’s Pediatric AIDS Foundation picnic/carnival at the former Robert Taylor estate donated by Kenny Roberts. The star-studded showbiz community raised $ 1.3 million. As always, celebs manned the carnival booths: Warren Beatty at the Pyramid; Annette Bening, Hero Rings Toss; Mel Gibson and Tom Selleck, Slap Shot Hockey; Sandy Koufax, Shut Out; Jason Priestley, You Oughta Be in Pictures; Fred Savage, Dip Bowling; Billy Crystal and Ringo Starr, Wheel of Fortune, Jack Nicholson, Test Your Strength (children); Michelle Pfeiffer, Shut Out; Meryl Streep, Super Strike; Richard Dreyfus, Splish Splash; etc. … And Buffalo Bills’ Jim Kelly and Dallas Cowboys’ Troy Aikman meet again on the Buffalo turf at the June 12-13 “Jim Kelly Shootout” with showbiz-sports celebs raising funds to send disadvantaged kids to camp … Barbara (Mrs. Marvin) Davis has done it again — lined up an international who’s who celeb committee members list for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Sunset Blvd.” preem-party, Nov. 30 at the Shubert Century Plaza Juvenile Diabetes foundations benefit. …”Crazy For You’s” bow at the Shubert was followed by parties (five) at the revamped Beverly Prescott hotel — toasting and tasting ranged from the downstairs garden, two Rox restaurants and “Suite 1102″… Levine/Schneider Public Relations toasts its 10th anni June 16 at Tommy Tang’s.