Taylor polishes cameo in Bedrock

GOOD MORNING and welcome back to the bigscreen, Elizabeth Taylor. So there she was in Bedrock, barefoot, leading a conga-line on Stage 24 at Universal. It was, of course, for a scene in Amblin’s “Flintstones.” It’s a miracle that anyone can keep a straight face shooting these scenes … Taylor, her hair dark auburn, was dressed in a decolletage’d red leather (fake) gown with the hem cut in handkerchief points, and sleeves cuffed in ermine (fake). She also sported giant amethyst (fake) and uncut diamond (fake) rings. Today is the last of Taylor’s five-day stint as Pearl Slaghoople, Fred Flinstone’s mother-in-law, and the troupe is sorry to see her go. They all told me how much fun they’ve had with her comedics, and she said the feeling has been mutual. In exchange for playing the cameo, Taylor gets the preems of “The Flintstones” next summer in N.Y. and D.C. to benefit her Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. (She also gets paid, of course.) The preems will be partnered by Universal, Planet Hollywood and Turner B’casting, which owns Hanna-Barbera. (Bill Hanna also did a cameo in the movie.) … Before going on camera, Elizabeth, a pro, carefully tended to her own final makeup touches. After all, she’s been around cameras for 50 years, she reminded. And she had her usual 10 ayem on-the-set call. “I’ve had it for 30 years,” she smiled … Is Taylor writing an autobiography, I asked. “Not while I’m still living chapters,” she laughed. There are several chapters upcoming. On the work burner is a two-vidpic deal with Robert Halmi and CBS, plus other feature talks. And she launches new fragrance labels, Sapphires and Diamonds, Emeralds and Diamonds and Rubies and Diamonds, at year’s end. She was wearing Sapphires and Diamonds yesterday. Very nice … She will probably receive special billing on “Flintstones,” said producer Bruce Cohen, with her name following the cast led by stars John Goodman as Fred Flintstone, Elizabeth Perkins as Wilma, Rick Moranis as Barney Rubble and Rosie O’Donnell as Betty … Goodman says he’ll have his own scent, Tusk. He claims making this movie has been like a vacation –“And with Elizabeth Taylor!” Taylor was gifted with gags daily, plus a Cartier clock, sugar bowl and picture frame by which to remember the company.

SETS FROM THE $45 MILLION “Flintstones” will probably be stored for use either in an expected sequel or a Universal Studios Hollywood attraction, said producer Cohen. The principals would be happy to return for a second “Flintstones,” but Goodman said his next hiatus from “Roseanne” has him playing “Huey Long” for TNT. And he’s also set to team with the Coen freres in a wild and crazy movie of mistaken identity … Goodman looks amazingly like the cartoon’d Fred Flintstone with an appropriate dyed haircut. It may present a problem as he’s due to return to “Roseanne” next month — and he actually will be bicycling between the movie and TV’er for a couple of weeks. “I miss my TV family,” he admitted … Director Brian Levant, who knows everything there is to know about the “Flintstones,” is talking a “Bugs Bunny” bigscreen feature … Rosie O’Donnell, after winding her Betty Rubble duties Wednesday p.m., segued to the Improv to hone her nitery act for an Aug. 8 date for Taylor’s AIDS Foundation. Rosie next co-stars in Garry Marshall’s “Exit to Eden” as an undercover cop. She’ll play a stripper for one of her assignments. Rosie says it will be done in a “tasteful way — more comedy than sex”… Red-headed Elizabeth Perkins, when prepping her voice as Wilma, asked advice of Jean Vander Pyl, the voice of cartoon’d Wilma for 30 years (who cameos in the movie). Jean said, “Just pronounce Fred as two syllables –‘Fre-ed’!”… Goodman says his voice of Fred “is a combination of the cartoon voice and — Jackie Gleason.” Rick Moranis sounds just like Barney with his New York and Bedrock accents …”Jurassic Park’s” creativity by Industrial Light & Magic was called into play for scenes involving the friendly dinosaur Dino and other prehistoric pals of the Flintstone family, including a 25-foot-tall brontosaurus. Computer magic will weave the giant creatures into scenes with the humans as in “J.P.,” this time for laughs. If the finished product is as funny as the “live” goings-on on the set, Universal has another Spielberg smash — for next summer.

JULIA ROBERTS, with a brief break from “The Pelican Brief,” joined husband Lyle Lovett here. They were cozy at Kate Mantilini’s … And Clint Eastwood and expectant Frances Fisher were at La Luna … Judy Holston and Marcia Ziffren hosted the Voters for Choice lunch at the Ziffren home Thursday where Cristina Cummings, M.D., and Wendy Gunn were awarded by Gloria Steinem and applauded by femme industry leaders … Paul Williams hosts Sunday’s National Academy of Songwriters’ “Christmas in July” at the Troubadour, with tunesmiths performing their own songs … Legend Lionel Hampton (85), recuped from a stroke, returned from a smash European tour and is already booked for a return next year — at double this year’s guarantee … The Celeb Surf Challenge will be held Sunday in Malibu to benefit protection of coastal waters. Gary Busey and “Baywatch” cast members compete.