H’w’d turns attention to Haiti

GOOD MORNING: Hollywood rolled out the red carpet for Haiti’s President Jean-Bertrand Aristide Thursday. The showbiz support for him was planned before the U.N.’s embargo (sans blockade) decision, Wednesday. Mike Medavoy and wife Patricia lunched Aristide at their home at noon, and last evening, Mike Ovitz and the Hollywood Policy Center Foundation hosted a reception at CAA followed by a screening of “Tombe/Leve” (“Fall Down/Get Up”), the third in a series of four docus produced by Jonathan Demme and Ed Saxon and directed by Haitian filmmaker Patricia Benoit. Danny Glover intro’d Aristide. The thesp co-hosted along with Harry and Julie Belafonte, Mary Steenburgen and Haitian-born Detroit Pistons’ Olden Polynice. Demme, who is editing “Philadelphia,” met Aristide in ’91. He and Saxon plan three movies set in Haiti, discussed ’em with TriStar’s Marc Platt. They include: a contemporary thriller, a story about the U.S. Marines in Haiti during the late teens, and a third about a slave rebellion in the early 18th century. Demme told me he’d like to cast the last with Danny Glover, Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes and Harry Belafonte. Demme tried to persuade Aristide to allow him to film his biopic. The president refused. Demme says, “No work of fiction that Hollywood can come up with can rival what the Haitian generals are getting away with. The drugs coming in there out of South America — and then out to the U.S. — goes on all night. You can hear the planes landing on the strips in the back yards of the generals”… Donna Mills is spending today with the KNBC news teams and will ditto with Amsterdam veejays when she arrives for her role as a TV correspondent in NBC’s four-hour mini, “Barbara Taylor Bradford’s ‘Remember.’ “The show is already skedded to air opposite the World Series. Mills also wound exec producing/starring in ABC’s “My Name Is Kate” as an alcoholic. This MOW airs in late Sept.

FADE OUT; FADE IN: Nicol Williamson checked out of CBS’ “Return of Lonesome Dove” Thursday ayem in Butte, Mont. and winged back to England. Oliver Reed jets in from England to replace him … A tearful Tina Sinatra told me she was distraught to learn TV Acad members will not be able to vote for her WB/CBS miniseries, “Sinatra,” in the best writing category, “because of an oversight.” She had been readying the mini for seven years and when the excellent tv’er finally aired, it received 17.7/26 and 17.2/27 ratings plus critical applause. Tina said, “This saddens me deeply to know that the script that William Mastrosimone and I worked on (Tina exec produced) for so many years will never even get the chance to be honored by the Academy. I am crushed not only for Bill but for all those who worked so hard on the film because I know that a nomination in any category is a pat on the back to all involved.” If it will cheer Tina, I learned that nominations for 15 of the 20 applicable categories have been submitted for “Sinatra”… Potential participants in the 1993 “Circus of the Stars” will soon receive a tape narrated by Walter Cronkite in which he tells ’em of the show’s tieup with “Give Kids the World Village” created by Holocaust survivor Henri Landwirth for terminally ill kids. The tv’er will now be called, “Circus of the Stars Gives Kids the World” and the show makes a base contribution of $ 100,000 to the charity — plus another $ 100,000 per rating point for every point above a 13. (It got 10.8 last year.) Jack Wishard is exec producer of “Circus,” Bunny Stivers, co-exec producer. CBS is supportive of the idea as is sponsor Procter & Gamble, whose CEO and Board Chairman Ed Artztwho, like Cronkite, is on the executive advisory board of Give Kids the World. The Village is “for children with only a few tomorrows.”

COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER FOR UCLA’s Anderson School of Management today is Peter Guber. Last Saturday, Guber received UCLA’s University Service Award … Jim Garner golfs with President Clinton and Arnold Palmer this weekend on Garner’s days off Hallmark’s “Breathing Lessons”… Ray Evans and Jay Livingston, celebrating their 51st anni as a songwriting team (the longest running), were saluted in song at the Gardenia by “Corky Hale and Co.” Ray and Jay’s hit tunes were warbled beautifully by Jaye P. Morgan, Lori Berger, Nancy Reed, Mike Dees, Byron Motley, with Herb Mickman on bass. The tunes included “Mona Lisa,””Buttons & Bows,””To Each His Own,””Que Sera, Sera,” and “Silver Bells,” which has sold more than 150 million records! And still going strong. Among those applauding in the SRO house were Ginny and Henry Mancini — he musicked several tunes with Ray and Jay. Everyone left humming their evergreens … Peggy Lee will receive next year’s tribute from the Society of Singers … More than 700 friends showed at Tommy Tang’s to toast Levine/Schneider’s 10th anni … Hugh O’Brian’s back in the saddle today playing a wagon master to Kurt Russell’s Wyatt Earp in BV’s “Tombstone.””My toughest job is not to say his lines,” says O’Brian, TV’s “Earp” in 265 segs.