‘Capture’ should ensnare post-‘Schindler’ auds

GOOD MORNING: “The Capture of Adolph Eichmann,” one of the most dramatic stories to follow WWII and the horrors of the Holocaust, will be aired by cabler Arts & Entertainment next year. It’s narrated by Gregory Peck, who says it is more exciting than any non-fiction. (Ironically, Peck played another hunted killer, Josef Mengele, in “The Boys From Brazil”– and Peck was nominated for his role in the film on anti-Semitism, “Gentleman’s Agreement.”) Intense interest in Eichmann and the fate of other Nazi murderers will result from Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List.” I am limited now to tell you only that “Schindler” tops the list of the greatest Spielberg movies. Reviewers are champing at the bit to tell you about it …”Jurassic Park” dinosaur creator and multi-Oscar-winner Stan Winston is creating a new set of movie monsters. His drawings of them are adorning the walls of Stirling Silliphant’s suite at the Peninsula. Silliphant’s on a deadline to wind the script of “Forbidden Planet” by Friday to return to his home in Bangkok. Winston is “Planet’s” exec producer, Irwin Kershner (“The Empire Strikes Back”) directs and Lindsay Dunlap produces the $ 40 million epic remake of the 1956 MGMovie that starred Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis and Leslie Nielsen. Silliphant says he’s writing the 25th-century script to fit the Winston drawings — as he had written Irwin Allen’s “Poseidon Adventure” and “Towering Inferno” scripts while viewing Allen’s mock-ups of those sets. “And I’m trying to avoid the stereotypes — nothing like ‘Star Trek, ‘ ” says Silliphant … Dana Delany tells me she’ll be seen wearing but a corset , riding a horse in “Tombstone” (she’s Josephine Earp) and she’s seen in far less as the dominatrix in “Exit to Eden,” Savoy’s movie version of Anne Rice’s S&M novel. Delany says, “We always shoot three versions” of her erotic “Eden” scenes with Paul Mercurio. Director Garry Marshall will decide at the end which version to use, and for which rating.

BILLY WILDER MADE $ 34 MILLION when he sold his art collection in December 1989. And now, four years later, Dec. 13, Wilder puts up for sale another 180- 200 of his art items at the Louis Stern BevHills Gallery. He modestly calls it a “Marche aux puces” (Flea Market), “to keep a low profile.” But it includes Picasso, Rouault, Botero, Hockney, etc. After his last sale, Wilder said he’d never collect again — he kept his word for only two months! On Dec. 5, Wilder is honored with PEN’s first Lifetime Achievement Award in Screenwriting. Jack Lemmon makes the presentation. The event honors those who have advanced PEN’s principles — the unfettered freedom to read and write — and will also boast an auction of writers’ memorabilia — like Wilder’s signed script of “Sabrina”… The “battle of the bulge”– a dessert-eating contest between a team of Roseanne and Tom Arnold vs. Hulk Hogan and Planet Hollywood president Robert Earl at the Costa Mesa Planet Hollywood — will help benefit the Arnolds’ Foundation Against Child Abuse. The Dec. 5 event will include an auction benefiting their charity and features walk-on roles in “Roseanne,” the new “Tom” series and Sylvester Stallone’s next movie … And talking about eating, Howard Stern was spotted having lunch at Fox, where he’s been rumored to fill the vacant Chevy Chase spot … Beethoven (the dog) spends Thanksgiving aloft as a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, live Sunday in Hollywood’s Christmas Parade and taped, Friday, on “The Circus of the Stars.” He’s a press agent’s dream.

JOHN LITHGOW, WHO DONNED A DRESS in “The World According to Garp” starring Robin Williams, told Robin at the Acad party following “Mrs. Doubtfire,””Now you know what it feels like.” Williams answered, “You were my inspiration!”… Robin and wife-producer Marsha, enjoying audience reaction — and rave reviews — were joined in the celebration by the movie’s Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Fierstein, Robert Prosky, Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence, Mara Wilson, Martin Mull, Anne Haney, director Chris Columbus, Chuck Jones and writers Randi Mayem Singer and Leslie Dixon, plus a large number of stars-pals. Along Came Mary prepared an appropriate SanFran menu ranging from Chinatown to Fisherman’s Wharf … Four Cole Porter musical alumnae were on hand at the Henry Fonda for the bow of “Cole”: Ann Miller (MGM’s “Kiss Me Kate”), Patricia Morison (B’way’s “Kiss Me Kate”), Liliane Montevecci (B’way’s “Can-Can”) and Gretchen Wyler (B’way’s “Silk Stockings”). Also Porter’s psychic Kenny Kingston, who said he felt the composer’s presence at the Hollywood Canteen party and “he loved every moment of the evening.” Oh well, when it comes to Cole Porter, anything goes (sorry) … Friday is the 20th anni of the death of well-loved, talented Laurence Harvey.