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Bennett to help bow Holocaust Museum

GOOD MORNING: V.I.P. invitees at Thursday’s bow of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C., dedicated by President Clinton, will include writer-producer Harve Bennett. Although best-known, perhaps, as writer-producer of the “Star Trek” movies, Bennett’s TV war-related credits range from “A Woman Called Golda” to “From Here to Eternity”– to “Rich Man, Poor Man,” which opens with V-E night. Bennett participates in the world’s largest Holocaust Museum’s dedication as a member of the Defense Dept.’s Natl. Committee To Commemorate WWII’s 50th anniversaries. He has been part of the five-year program from the 1991 anni of Pearl Harbor to the culmination on Veterans’ Day in 1995 with a joint session of Congress … Bennett was appointed to this committee because of his volunteer services as Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (a post he still holds) — as liaison between the Army and fellow filmmakers. He’s now partnered in the hit syndie’d “Time Trax” series …”Inside the Vatican” series starring Peter Ustinov has been sold worldwide at MIP-TV. And Peter still has one more scene to do, in Istanbul, in June. Before completing the “Vatican,” versatile Ustinov directs two operas, “Iolanthe” and “Francesca da Rimini,” at the Dresden Opera House. He began directing operas in 1962 at Covent Garden … Sharon Stone took four days off “Intersection” to rejoin Bill Baldwin and Tom Berenger on reshooting too-sizzling scenes on “Sliver”… There’s a chance “Designing Women” won’t be picked up. If so, look for Annie Potts to replace Susan Dey on “Love And War”– both are CBSeries … Bronson Pinchot drops the comic accent and plays his straight comedic self in the CBS pilot, “My First Husband” for Lorimar, scripted by Andrew Nichols and Darryl Vickers … Adam West, another thesp with a fine sense of humor, plays Carol Burnett’s old love interest in her new CBSeries, “Reel Life,” in which she plays two roles, one a soap star.

WHAT’S THE WORLD coming to? Leslie Nielsen will cover the August issue of Penthouse (ties in with his “Naked Truth” spoof autobiog) … And Jerry Seinfeld posed for the September cover of Playboy. Both guys were fully clothed for their respective shoots … Linda Hope and Don Mischer are lining up an impressive group of segment hosts for the three-hour NBC tribute Bob Hope, taping May 1: Tom and Roseanne Arnold, Johnny Carson, Chevy Chase, Walter Cronkite, Angela Lansbury, Tom Selleck, Garry Shandling. The segs include B’way, radio, TV, movies, military, Oscar moments, monologues, etc. … Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher and Berry Gordy surprised Doris Day in Carmel last Saturday when Doris made a rare public appearance to host a benefit screening of her “Calamity Jane” (1953) — to raise funds for the Monterey County Sheriff’s Advisory Council. Her son Terry Melcher m.c’d. (He’s recording the Beach Boys’ album “Summer in Paradise.”) Eastwood, Fisher and Gordy also attended Day’s reception at her Cypress Inn where everyone asked the ever young-looking Day, “When are you going to go back to work?” Her usual answer, “When the right script comes along.” But she is thinking about recording an album …”Saturday Night Live” impressed with its show last Saturday, which included timely segs devoted to that morning’s Rodney King verdict, including a complete apropos aria by the “Opera Man,” Adam Sandler. Lorne Michaels told me they had worked all day to accomplish the timely portions. “We can change up to 11:29 p.m., or sometimes in the middle of the show. That’s the beauty of doing it live.” And with such terrif talent — headed by Michaels. The season’s final show May 18, completing its 18th year, will be hosted by Kevin Kline — appropriately as his movie “Dave” makes its bow.

JEFFREY KATZENBERG AND DAVID GEFFEN winged to Baltimore Sunday p.m. for the “Salute to Heroes,” honoring award-winning songwriter Howard Ashman who died of AIDS March 14, 1991, while working on”Aladdin.” More than $ 250,000 was raised by performers ranging from Ashman’s writing partner, Alan Menken, to singers of their tunes from movies and B’way, with Charles Dutton as m.c. Menken told me, “It was a very emotional experience.” They had worked together since 1978. There’s much unpublished material of theirs to be heard — including a B’way musical, “Babe” (Ruth), plus songs from “Aladdin,””Beauty and the Beast,””Little Mermaid,””Little Shop of Horrors,” which didn’t make it to the screen. They’ll be boxed as an album. They also wrote songs for the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” theatrical musical. At Sunday’s benefit, Katzenberg huddled with Menken on tunes for Disney’s Christmas ’94 animated feature, “Pocohontas,” for which Menken assured, “We made every effort to use Native American voices”… Mary and Glen Gordon Caron welcomed their third child, daughter Hannah Ann, April 16 at St.John’s Hospital … Proud parents Lionel Chetwynd and Gloria Carlin look on Wednesday as sons Michael and Josh become U.S. citizens. Lionel and Gloria preceded in December.