Barney proves nice dinos don’t finish last

GOOD MORNING: Who’s not afraid of the box office jungle ruled by “Jurassic Park?””Barney,” that’s who. The lovable dino, delight of preschoolers, is paged for pix by every major, well, almost everyone. Sheryl Leach, “Barney’s” creative partner with Kathy Parker and Dennis DeShaver, received calls, met with reps from Universal, Columbia, TriStar, Disney, WB and David Geffen. And Barney’s banner’s planning their feature’s release for summer ’95. The movie would “enhance” the TVersion and special effects would be a part of the expansion plans, “But not like Steven Spielberg,” Leach assures me. She viewed “Jurassic” along with her 7-year-old son Patrick, but not until after her husband had checked it out for suitability. P.S., they all loved it. Are the “Barney” bunch worried that their character wouldn’t be accepted following the Spielberg epic? “No, they (kids) know Barney for what he is — they know he’s not a dinosaur, no more than Big Bird is a bird or that Mickey Mouse is a mouse.” By the way, “Barney” has an open invitation to return to Universal Hollywood’s hilltop after this year’s 16-day bow there. It was a very special stand — Barney cannot make many appearances because the numbers of small fries who show up is staggering. The security control for the toddlers is enormous. Sheryl admits their Lyons Group has had to engage a huge legal team to prevent “Barney” carbons from preying on the small children and endangering ’em at phony, unprotected appearances. You have to see the kiddies’ reaction to the presence of Barney as I did at “his” arrival at Universal. Unbelievable! But “he” will make an appearance at the Grammys next year. Meanwhile, an hourlong network special is being prepped with all four webs talking to ’em for an April airing. J.C. Penney sponsors. In addition, 14 of the new 18 PBShows are completed, plus an EMI album (the first of several) to bow Aug. 31.

TAKING A LITTLE BREATHER — that’s what the “Demolition Man” troupe’s doing this week. The movie started production Feb. 12, and while the cameras are quiet , director Marco Brambilla, editor Stuart Baird and WB are looking at the footage while star Sylvester Stallone and Joel Silver are at the producer’s plantation in South Carolina talking their next, “Fair Game”… Meanwhile, “Cliffhanger’s” terrif start is already helping Stallone’s 1994 pic, “Judge Dredd,” at this week’s licensing show in N.Y. Surge Licensing’s Mark Freedman (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”) says “Dredd’s” gaining early, tremendous momentum — games, books, clothing, etc. … Monday, Dawn Steel turned into Pocket Books the manuscript of her “They Can Kill You … But They Can’t Eat You — And Other Lessons From the Front.” It’s no relative of Julia Phillips’ “You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again” (Random House), Steel assured me. “Mine is for people coming up the ladder. It’s about me and my lessons.” Dawn’s “Eat You” is due out in September and she’ll sit down to lunch with New York press Monday. Meanwhile, she’s also busy prepping several features including “The Power of No” at Touchstone and “12 Bar Blues” with husband Charles Roven for Victor Kaufman’s Savoy … The envelope containing an invitation for the June 30 preem of Mad Dog Pictures’ “Chain of Desire” included a condom. The movie’s story is about sexual politix and behavior. The preem benefits L.A.’s Shanti Foundation supporting persons with HIV/AIDS and is co-sponsored by Planet Homo and Project X … Typecasting: Robin Leach, who globetrots for his “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” guests on the PBSeries “Newton’s Apple”– discussing the science of avoiding jet lag … Industry insurance topper C. Scott Milne has merged the Albert G. Ruben Co. with the giant financial services company AON.

THE ROYAL TREATMENT: Princess Di and princes Harry and William were at London’s Planet Hollywood yesterday to the delight of thousands of fans. The little princes had cheeseburgers, Di devoured a “Hollywood Bowl” salad. The princes departed with Planet Hollywood T-shirts, and the princess, a Planet Hollywood jacket. Tonight’s N.Y. post-preem party of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Last Action Hero” benefiting the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Society is being held in Gotham’s Planet Hollywood, which partner Arnold plugs in the pic as well. All Planet Hollywood eateries shutter one night a month for charity benefits (not necessarily with movie companies) … The trumpeters on Rodeo Drive and Wilshire yesterday ayem tooted Tiffany’s tribute to the Gershwin family and the “Crazy for You” company at the Shubert. The store windows are filled with Gershwin toasts, including letters from celebs like Rosie Clooney (there in person), who noted she lived next to George and Ira for many years and that their last tune, “Our Love Is Here to Stay,” was written at her BevHills house on Roxbury Drive. Henry Mancini noted, “In my opinion, four of the most beautiful notes ever written”– the four at the start of “Rhapsody in Blue.””Crazy for You” co-stars James Brennan and Karen Ziemba and the show’s “Pink Girls” were also on hand.