World of Film

Host: Rita Gam.

Host: Rita Gam.

World of Film,” a 30-minute show, delves into the art of filmmaking, with each episode highlighting the work in a different country. The premiere episode concentrates on British filmmakers, and while educational and entertaining, the seg is often repetitive.

The show opens with a quick montage of London, then goes into an interview with Stephen Frears, the director of such pix as “The Grifters” and “My Beautiful Laundrette,” who likens filmmaking to “stealing a bank,” mainly due to the risks and the eventual return on your investment.

Host Rita Gam, through a series of interviews with actors, directors and producers, explains that while Britain makes some of the “best” and “most influential” films, the filmmakers tend to drop the ball.

There is much mention that Britain is “drained of its talent”– such as directors Alan Parker and Neil Jordan and actor Daniel Day-Lewis — by Hollywood.

The structure emphasizes condescension toward America and U.S. filmmakers; the holier-than-thou attitude of many interviewees may be the key to why the British film industry isn’t the moneymaker it secretly aspires to be.

Apart from the show playing up the bitterness of the interviewees the show is entertaining and well-made.

More than a dozen workers are interviewed, frequently in quick sound bites; the most interesting of the subjects by far is actor Anthony Hopkins, whose observations are articulate and on the mark.

World of Film

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