Hong Kong-based Wharf Cable Ltd. on Sunday concluded an agreement with HutchVision Ltd. in which the latter company will be the exclusive conduit for non-Chinese programming on the service.

Simultaneously, Wharf is acquiring Fortress Satellite Services, presently available to 300,000 households and hotel rooms in the Crown Colony.

Wharf recently received the exclusive pay-TV license in Hong Kong and plans to launch it in October. It will feature the first 24-hour Chinese-language news service.

HutchVision’s STAR TV broadcasts in some 38 countries throughout Asia. Its five free-to-air channels currently reach an estimated 11.3 million households.

Under the programming agreement, Wharf’s 11 broadcast channels will be augmented by three from Star TV — BBC World Service, Prime Sports and MTV Asia. In October, HutchVision will provide four pay channels to Wharf’s existing two. Three of the new channels will feature films, family programming and business news. The fourth will concentrate on Asian, predominantly Chinese, entertainment programming.