World African Network, the 24-hour pay cable web that launches in June 1994, got a key endorsement Sunday when a top Time Warner exec urged TW cable systems to carry the service.

Thayer Bigelow, prez of Time Warner Cable Programming, called World African Network (WAN) “a great addition for cable subscribers.

Time Warner Cable is very interested in attracting and retaining minority subscribers and we believe WAN offers the kind of programming that can help us realize that goal.”

Bigelow’s pitch for WAN came at a press conference at the NCTA convention here.

WAN exex also announced Sunday that the New York City-based Queens Inner Unity Cable System is the first carriage deal to be signed. The Queens system serves 80,000 homes and is a joint venture between Time Warner Cable and Inner City Broadcasting, a black-owned communications firm.

WAN subscribers will pay $ 9.95 a month for the service. Its chairman, Eugene Jackson, said 300,000 subscribers are needed for WAN to break even financially. The network is being launched because “we feel there has not been an appropriate balance” by the media presenting African-American issues, Jackson said.