Producer Fred Silverman and Viacom Prods. have uprooted a deal with Carrot Top, the red-headed comedian who’s become the rage on college campuses, and will develop a half-hour sitcom around him as well as programming for Viacom’s cable networks.

Silverman said the show is being packaged by the William Morris Agency, which will try to pair a top writer with the comic (real name: Scott Thompson), whose gadget-laden act has landed him guest shots on “The Tonight Show” and the Showtime special “Jonathan Winters: Spaced Out.”

Viacom’s cable holdings include Showtime, MTV and Nickelodeon, which may be compatible with Carrot Top’s appeal.

Silverman, who’s christened himself “the butcher of Brentwood” because of his murder-mystery shows “Matlock,””In the Heat of the Night” and “Perry Mason,” said he’s hoping the comedy will help him segue into “some lighter forms” of entertainment. “I really want to move to comedy and younger-appeal programming,” he said.

The Silverman Co. has a pilot commitment from NBC on “Gabby,” which is being developing with Warner Bros. TV. Show’s production has been delayed while the producers cast.