Twenty-seven writers have been chosen as finalists in this year’s Humanitas Awards, given for work that communicates human values in television programming. Of the networks, ABC received the most nominations with six.

ABC cornered the 30-minute category, with two episodes of “Roseanne” and one of “The Wonder Years” receiving nods. The “Roseanne” episodes were “Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home,” written by Amy Sherman, and “Terms of Estrangement Part II,” written by Rob Ulin. Sy Rosen’s “The Nose” was the “Wonder Years” nominee.

In the 60-minute category, the contenders are: “The Box” episode of Fox Broadcasting’s “Tribeca,” written by David J. Burke and Hans Tobeason; Marshall Goldberg’s “Bedfellows” seg of ABC’s “Life Goes On”; and Barbara Hall’s “Comfort and Joy” episode of NBC’s “I’ll Fly Away.”

NBC took two of the three bids in the 90-minute category.

The nominees are: “Jonathan: The Boy Nobody Wanted,” NBC, story by Doris Silverton and Peter Nelson, and Steve Lawson and Dalene Young, teleplay by Lawson and Young; “Miss Rose White,” NBC, by Anna Sandor; and Ed Kaplan’s “For Their Own Good,” ABC.

In the PBS/cable category, the nominees are: “Simple Justice,” on PBS’ “The American Experience,” story by John McGreevey, Avon Kirkland and Peter Cook, teleplay by McGreevey; TNT’s “Cooperstown,” written by Lee Blessing; and Nancy Barr’s “Mrs. Cage,” on PBS’ “American Playhouse.”

In the children’s animation category, CBS took two of three nominations. The chosen trio are: “Eel-Ectric City” episode of “The Little Mermaid,” CBS, written by Chuck Menville; “Message in a Bottle” episode of “The Little Mermaid,” CBS, by Lynn Lefler; and “The Flute” episode of “The Legend of Prince Valiant,” The Family Channel, by David J. Corbett and Dianne Dixon.

In the children’s live-action category, the nominees are: Daryl G. Nickens’ “You Must Remember This,” on “Wonderworks Family Movie,” PBS; Hank Saroyan’s “William Saroyan’s ‘The Parsley Garden,’ ” ABC; and Betty G. Birney’s “Big Boys Don’t Cry,” on the CBS Schoolbreak Special.

Humanitas prizes carry cash awards from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000.

The finalists were chosen from more than 450 entries. The winners will be named at an awards luncheon on Wednesday, July 7, at the Century Plaza Hotel.