High school seniors sweating over SAT and college admission tests are the target audience for a pay-per-view special to run a number of times this October and early November.

With the ultra-serious title “Sasson Presents SATV: The Princeton Review Student Admissions TV,” the 90-minute program was unveiled at a press conference Tuesday at the New York Public Library’s trustees room.

“We’ll try to break out of the standard pay-per-view diet of movies and sports events,” says Susan Greene, president of Prestige Production Ventures, which will be in charge of the special.

Greene says her company produces and distributes “well-targeted, well-defined programs for the pay-per-view marketplace.”

The Princeton Review is a company that hires instructors in 500 locations in more than 60 cities in the U.S. and abroad to drill high schoolers in ways to harvest big scores on the SAT tests.

Excerpts from some of these prep courses will be an important part of the special, which, according to the production notes, will be “hip and irreverent” and employ “quick cuts, jump cuts, bright colors and funky camera shots” to jack up the show’s appeal to teenage subscribers, who’ll have to pony up $ 14.95 to see it.

Greene also promises that the special will use celebrities (still to be named) who will talk about their own experiences in taking SAT tests to get into college. The producer/director of the special is Don Munroe, an Andy Warhol Studio veteran who has directed fashion and music videos.

The two biggest PPV distributors, Viewer’s Choice and Request TV, will give multiple plays to the special (in a sequence still to be determined) in October and November, giving it access to the more than 22 million households that have PPV available in their homes.

Sasson Licensing Corp., the sponsor, manufactures a line of men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and accessories. Greene says the total cost of producing and marketing the special will be “in the high six figures.”