Dutch commercial broadcaster RTL-4 is under attack for allegedly flouting EC regulations on advertising. Dutch media authority the Media Commission has advised culture minister Hedy d’Ancona that the market-leading net has exceeded the hourly maximum of 20% commercials.

The commission, which says a warning to RTL-4 over the abuses earlier this year has had no effect, also accuses the CLT subsidiary of running ad blocks too closely together (the minimum required is 20 minutes apart) and of illicit advertising. It is understood the minister is considering taking action.

In a separate development, the Dutch government has eased advertising restrictions at televised sports events, which broadcasters and sports organizations had claimed were destroying Holland’s eligibility to host major events.

Previous limits on the number of times an ad could be shown during a broadcast (generally three) now have been scrapped, as has a ban on athletes displaying sponsors’ names on clothing during television interviews.