Adam Resnick, a veteran writer from “Late Night With David Letterman,” recently ankled his Creative Artists Agency representation for a pact with United Talent Agency, sources said Thursday.

Resnick, 32, wrote for Gotham’s favorite gap-toothed gab host from 1985 through 1990, winning a 1987 Emmy for the fifth anniversary show.

The scribe then left to create the Fox show “Get a Life” with Chris Elliott, who has appeared regularly on “Late Night” as the Fugitive Guy and other frantic characters.

The two have now created the seafaring comedy “Cabin Boy” for Touchstone, which stars Elliott as a rich heir who mistakenly ends up on a galleon full of pirates.

Tentative fall ’94 release

Resnick, who helmed and also wrote the screenplay, is currently in post-production for a tentative fall 1994 release.

Tim Burton, who is said to have been a fan of the short-lived cult hit “Get a Life,” tapped Resnick for the buccaneer pic, which Burton co-produces with Denise De Novi and exec producer Barry Bernardi.

“Cabin Boy,” which insiders say will showcase incredible special effects, has a cast including Brion James, Brian Doyle Murray, Ann Magnuson, Mike Starr and James Gammon. Resnick was represented by UTA’s senior founding partner Jim Berkus.

UTA’s growing TV franchise also includes 27-year-old screenwriter Joss Whedon , who penned the Valley bloodsucker pic “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Whedon will also script the upcoming Hi Tech Toons project “Toy Story” for Disney Animation’s ’94-95 feature list.