Paramount Network TV has completed a near-perfect pilot-to-series ratio on its 1993-94 development crop with confirmation of pickups on sitcoms “Sister, Sister” from ABC and “Big Wave Dave’s” from CBS.

The deals mean the studio has essentially gone six-for-six in turning pilots into series.

That batting average has become increasingly important to suppliers, whose concerns about costs have made them more aware of the percentage of what they sell vs. what they develop, in contrast to the scattershot approach sometimes pursued in the past.

A seventh Paramount project remains in development at Fox Broadcasting Co., through producers Mort Nathan and Barry Fanaro. A pilot was never shot on that concept, which was developed around Peter Scolari and is being revised and recast. Scolari instead opted for a role in the Lorimar TV comedy “Family Album, ” which is set to premiere in the fall on CBS.

“Big Wave Dave’s” is expected to premiere this summer. The show, from exec producers David Isaacs and Ken Levine, is about three middle-age guys who junk life in Chicago and open a surf shop in Hawaii.

“Sister, Sister” is targeted for midseason on ABC. The show stars 13-year-old identical twins Tamara and Tia Mowry as twins separated at birth who are reunited, forming an extended family with one’s single mother and the other’s widowed father. Suzanne DePasse and Gary Gilbert are the exec producers.

Other Paramount shows ordered for next season and inked in for the fall schedule are NBC’s “Frasier,” a”Cheers” spinoff starring Kelsey Grammer, and “The Mommies,” a vehicle for the femme comedy duo; and the CBS drama “South of Sunset.” The studio also has a midseason pick-up on “Viper,” a futuristic NBC action hour originally developed at CBS.