One to watch; Ben Savage

At 13 years of age Ben Savage is already a seasoned TV veteran. The star of ABC’s “Boy Meets World” got his start in commercials when he was only 5.

He’s been in movies. And he recently portrayed a boy with the looks of a cherub, but the soul of Beelzebub in the ABC miniseries “Wild Palms.” That part, says Savage, delivering the pint-sized version of the actor expounding on his craft, was a career stretcher for him. “Before that I always played this happy little kid,” he says.

In “Boy Meets World” Savage is back in the happy little kid mode, playing Cory Matthews, an inquisitive 11-year-old whose antics bring conflict with his neighbor and teacher (portrayed by William Daniels). “I love this character because he’s the ultimate troublemaker,” says Savage.

As the brother of “The Wonder Years” star Fred Savage, he’s already seen up close what life as a young TV star is about.

Inevitable comparisons to his older sibling don’t seem to bother him. But he’s quick to point out the differences between “Boy Meets World” and the celebrated “The Wonder Years.””This show is from my point-of-view looking forward. ‘The Wonder Years’ was from the point of view of a 30-year-old looking back,” he said.

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