Buena Vista Television’s “Home Improvement,” scheduled for a fall 1995 off-net debut, has been licensed to four more of the top 15 markets.

The cash-plus-barter series, which is believed to have fetched a hefty $ 625, 000 per episode from the Fox Television Stations in the top three markets of Los Angeles, New York and Chicago (Daily Variety, May 18), is now cleared on five of the eight Fox-owned stations.

Fox’s KDAF in Dallas and KRIV in Houston have licensed the show along with two Paramount-owned stations: WTXF, the Fox Broadcasting affil in Philadelphia, and indie WDCA in Washington, D.C.

With the sales, “Improvement” has been cleared in seven markets covering 24% of the country, including six of the top 10.

The next wave of “Home Improvement” clearances is expected to be much larger now that network and Fox affiliate meetings are winding up.

Regarding the four new markets in which the sitcom has landed, BVTV prez Bob Jacquemin said the Disney syndie subsid received 13 offers.

The series’ total cash take is tracking at 71% of the all-time off-net earner , “The Cosby Show,” which garnered $ 4.8 million per episode.

Following its initial three sales to the Fox stations, “Home Improvement” was tracking at 75% of “Cosby’s” first-week total.

BVTV, which has granted stations syndicated exclusivity for the life of the show (ruling out a cable network sale), is withholding one minute of time and offering six minutes to stations for four years.

The show will revert to straight cash during the remainder of the 4 1/2-year term of the licensing agreement.