President Clinton on Tuesday announced a cost-saving consolidation of government foreign broadcast services that were spawned by Cold War competition between East and West.

Clinton said all the broadcast systems, including Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty and Voice of America, would be brought together under the United States Information Agency.

A newly formed board of governors “will ensure independence, coherence, quality and journalistic integrity in our surrogate and other broadcast services ,” the president said in a statement.

“Our plan proposes a proud rebirth of America’s broadcasting programs to reflect this post-Cold War era,” he continued.

“By bringing our broadcasting resources together under one roof, we can achieve substantial savings, while at the same time providing for greater flexibility to target and shape our broadcasts as may be warranted by changing international circumstances and audience interests.”

White House officials said the move would save an estimated $ 250 million over four years. They said the savings would result from canceling a VOA relay station project, and cutbacks in programming and administrative and technical costs.

Clinton said Radio Marti and TV Marti — broadcast programs aimed at Cuba — would continue. “The current structure of these entities and their boards will remain,” he said.