NABET pact in gridlock

The contract agreement recently reached between the National Assn. of Broadcast Employees & Technicians and CapCities/ABC remains stuck on whether two NABET locals can come to terms with the contract.

Discussions were ongoing over the holiday weekend to see if the two locals — one in San Francisco and the other in New York — could reach agreement with management on modified versions of the new contract.

Without the approval of those locals, which represent publicists in New York and AM Writer-Producers in San Francisco, the entire contract remains moot.

Even more problematic for union members is that if the locals do not approve the contract by today all members lose a 5% bonus promised by management.

Last week NABET’s executive board rejected an appeal by Anthony B. Capitano, the president of its largest local, to invalidate the recent ratification by 13 out of 15 NABET units.

Capitano, according to NABET officials, had sought to overturn the vote because of alleged irregularities in voting. He represents Engineers Local 16 which has more than 1,100 members. The entire contract represents some 3,000 NABET members.

At this point union officials say that Capitano may take the matter to the U.S. Dept. of Labor. He said on Friday that his Local’s executive board was still considering its options.

The four-year contract, which had been recommended by NABET’s international union and negotiating committee leaders, includes wage increases of 3.5%, 3% and 3.5% in each of the other three years of the contract. The initial raise was deemed a bonus raise if it was ratified by June 1.

The contract runs from April 1, 1993, to March 31, 1997.