John Mckenzie has been named a correspondent for ABC News’ “Day One,” effective immediately. His first report for the broadcast, filed on Monday, concerned a condition where the heart appears to have stopped beating, and, as a result, people are pronounced dead when they are still alive.

Since 1988, Mckenzie has been a New York-based correspondent for “World News Tonight with Peter Jennings,” covering a wide variety of domestic and international stories, from the U.S. invasion of Panama to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

Mckenzie has also reported for ABC News’ “Nightline,””World News This Morning” and “Good Morning America.”

From 1982-88, Mckenzie was a Boston-based correspondent with ABC’s New England Bureau. During that time, he covered Pope John Paul’s visit to Canada, the Canadian elections and the Big Dan’s Rape Trial in New Bedford, Mass., which inspired the Jodie Foster film “The Accused.”

As a foreign correspondent, Mckenzie saw action during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Iranian hostage crisis, and the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. He has also filed stories from Japan, Korea, the Philippines, East Germany and throughout Europe, as well as Africa and South America.

He began his journalism career in 1972 as a desk assistant for the Canadian Press in Montreal.