Longbow Prods. is following up its recently aired CBS movie “Dying to Love You” with a half-dozen other projects in the works, beginning with another CBS vidpic that will begin production later this month.

The five-year-old partnership of Bill Pace, Ronnie Clemmer and financier Richard Kughn also has three projects in development at ABC, one at NBC and another at cable network TNT, with the Longbow principals as exec producers on all productions.

First up is “Murder on the Rio Grande,” starring Victoria Principal in an adventure thriller about a divorced mother being stalked on a white-water rafting trip. Robert Iscove will direct from a script by Michael Norell.

A third CBS movie, “The Search for Jeannine Durand,” is based on the well-publicized true story of three grown children whose investigation into their mother’s disappearance 24 years earlier led to the murder conviction of their father, Raymond Durand. More than two dozen companies pursued those rights , with Josef Anderson to script.

Two other true stories are in development at ABC: “The Seduction of Peter Jay Rudge,” based on a Rolling Stone article about a 13-year-old boy abducted by a 40-year-old woman; and “The Enemy Within: The Linda Bergstrom Story,” being written by Bruce Miller, about a Houston housewife who discovered her husband was a serial rapist and gathered evidence leading to his arrest and conviction.

Like “Rio Grande,” the ABC project “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,” is an original concept about a Santa Fe prosecutor forced to quit her job to defend her son, who is charged with murder. Sue Jett and Tony Mark are scripting.

Pace noted that he expects the fact-based drama craze to eventually fade and wants to be positioned to tell good, entertaining stories that don’t have to be predicated on high-ticket rights acquisitions.

Also on their slate is “Intensive Care,” a medical thriller at NBC about a psychological disorder known as Munchausen Syndrome, written by Jan Jaffe Kahn with Ron Kahn as producer; and “Black Jack and the Bandit,” about the relationship between Gen. John J. Pershing and a young lieutenant, George Patton , set during the 1915 Pancho Villa uprising. Clemmer, Pace and Mike Robe will exec produce the latter, with Robe to direct and co-write the script with Michael Norell.

Longbow has signed with World International Network to distribute “Dying to Love You” and “Murder on the Rio Grande.”