Fox’s News Division has bought $ 1 million worth of editing equipment from Avid Technology Inc.

The unit, which is a part of News Corp., bought 10 Media Composer digital non-linear editing systems for its new weekly prime time magazine, “Front Page.”

The show will premiere this summer.

The division also acquired two Media Recorder digitizing stations to transfer taped footage to computer hard drives. This is the largest contract Avid has signed, according to Rick Cramer, director of North American sales.

Avid is one of several vendors of so-called non-linear editing systems. Once film or tape footage is transferred to hard drives or laserdiscs, editors (using proprietary software) can call up the material at random onto a computer screen and cut together shows.

“There’s going to be a number of upcoming new shows with the producers and editors working together who want to share files in the editing room,” said Cramer. “In a newsmagazine like ‘Front Page,’ they do three segments per show and are juggling a lot.”