International Cablecasting Technologies’s Digital Music Express for Business unit, or DMX for Business, said it and Bose Corp. of Framingham, Mass., have formed a strategic marketing alliance under which they will offer quality audio to businesses.

The company said the alliance will be made possible by the delivery of DMX for Business via Direct Broadcast Satellite as early as October.

The companies will jointly develop and implement a national accounts sales team to actively market DMX for Business and Bose products and services to multiple account locations.

DMX for Business music service features CD-standard stereo music on 30 distinct music programs, which is expanding to 60-plus in October.

Separately, Tele-Communications Inc. said it and KBLCOM Inc., both cable operators, have extended their DMX for Business affiliation agreements to include distribution of DMX for Business via DBS.

The systemwide pacts grant the companies exclusive distribution rights within designated franchise areas to DBS-delivered DMX for Business in exchange for DBS licensing fees.