Paramount has confirmed reports (Daily Variety, June 23) that “Hard Copy” exec producer Peter Brennan will exit the show when his three-year deal expires July 23.

The syndicator issued an unusually emphatic statement concerning the negotiations after news of behind-the-scene maneuverings first appeared in print.

“As a policy, Paramount keeps all contract negotiations private, and we are disappointed that Mr. Brennan has chosen not to do the same,” the statement noted.

In fact, Brennan last week declined to comment on the status of his contract negotiations, but sources close to the studio have indicated that he is headed to Fox Circle Prods. to develop reality fare. He may also play a role in resuscitating “A Current Affair,” but reportedly not as exec producer.

The Par statement continued, “We had been negotiating a reduced role for Peter on next season’s ‘Hard Copy,’ but Mr. Brennan was not comfortable with the creative direction we wanted to take with the show and all negotiations were terminated.

“We are talking to a number of key candidates and expect to announce a new executive producer in the next few weeks.”