Cablevision Systems Corp. said it is offering broadcasters in certain major markets a free channel and a package of free advertising time worth $ 1 million to promote the channel.

Broadcasters in certain major markets would share the channel, on which they could repeat certain key programming, giving viewers a chance to see news and other shows they might have missed.

Cablevision, the nation’s fourth-largest MSO, is making the offer in exchange for permission to carry the broadcasters’ signals to their 2 million subscribers.

“This is an innovative idea that signals our willingness to cooperate with broadcasters in fashioning creative solutions that are in the best interests of our customers,” said William Quinn, president of Cablevision’s cable operations.

Subscribers would not be charged an additional fee to receive the extra channel.

Cablevision also announced that 37 stations across the country have notified the cable company that they would not permit it to carry their stations after the Oct. 6 deadline, unless “unspecific demands for payment are met.” Another 110 stations have told Cablevision that they had chosen a guaranteed no-payment carriage on its franchises.