Douglas Heyes, a writer and director whose TV and motion picture career spanned four decades, died Monday at his home in Beverly Hills of congestive heart failure. He was 73.

Heyes developed all 24 hours of “North & South” (presented in the form of two 12-hour “books”) in addition to writing and directing the miniseries “Captains and the Kings,””Aspen” and “The French Atlantic Affair.”

He also directed a number of episodes of the original series “The Twilight Zone.”

His movie credits include writing “Ice Station Zebra” and “The Groundstar Conspiracy,” the latter under the pen name Matthew Howard.

Survived by his wife, J.P., his brother, two sons and two grandchildren.

No services will be held, and in lieu of flowers the family requests contributions to the Folgers Shakespeare Library, development office in Washington, D.C.