In an effort to shed the “pop rock” shroud that claimed several big-haired bands in the last year, Winger arrives Tuesday via Atlantic Records with “Pull,” a platter fraught with heavy, from-the-gut melodies and power rhythms.

Gone is the sophomoric sound that pushed the first two albums, “Winger” and “In the Heart of the Young,” to platinum-plus status.

The band also refined its lineup, replacing Paul Taylor’s keyboards with a second guitarist John Roth.

From the angry metallic scorcher “Blind Revolution Mad” to the harmonica-textured first video and album rock single, “Down Incognito,” Winger’s no-frills delivery is surprisingly mature and honest, though some might wonder if this decision to toughen their sound is merely an attempt to jump on the harder rock/grunge bandwagon — a risk that failed when their peers Warrant attempted it.

The band is on a promotional tour of Europe and plans to hit the road next month.