Michael Tiknis, executive director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, has been named to the same position for the San Diego Symphony. Tiknis replaces Wes Brustad, who resigned Feb. 1 after reporting that the symphony had accumulated a $ 1 million deficit.

Signed to a two-year contract, Tiknis is slated to take his post Aug. 1 at an annual salary of $ 120,000.

The government can prohibit television and radio stations licensed in states that ban lotteries from airing advertisements for a neighboring state’s games, the Supreme Court ruled Friday. Federal laws imposing such a ban do not violate free speech rights, the court ruled 7-2 in the case of a North Carolina radio station that wanted to carry commercials promoting Virginia’s state-run lottery. The federal policy favors neither states that allow lotteries nor states that ban them, but takes a “common-sense” approach to balancing their interests, Justice Byron R. White wrote for the court.