Principal raps rapper for giving lewd poster to kids

An elementary school principal has filed a complaint with the Los Angeles Police Dept. against a female rapper claiming the performer distributed explicit material to minors.

Ramona Elementary School principal Susan Arcaris filed a complaint against rapper Nic’ee Quikk, who two weeks ago distributed promotional posters and compact discs of her album, “Nic’ee’s Trickki,” to Arcaris’ schoolchildren away from school property.

Arcaris subsequently obtained a copy of the album and made the complaint to the department’s sexually exploited child unit.

According to Quikk’s spokesman, Rick Scott, Quikk was visiting a friend across from the school and was recognized by fans. She distributed the compact discs and posters, which included a clean version of her single “Give ‘Em Booty” and a poster with the quote, “A hardcore bytch wit’ sum hardcore tricks,” without really thinking about the consequences, Scott said.

‘No harm intended’

“She was doing some promotional thing,” said Scott. “There was no harm intended whatsoever.”

The L.A. City Attorney’s Office has not decided whether to file charges.

Scott denied the incident was a publicity stunt.

The album was released through Quality Records in January.