NARM to study used-CD market

The National Assn. of Recording Merchandisers, responding to several months of debate among its members, has announced a research project on the impact of used compact disc sales in the marketplace.

The decision follows a NARM board of directors meeting in Chicago June 9 and 10.

A timetable and specific format for the research is expected to be announced soon.

“After thorough discussion, it was the board’s consensus that the entire NARM membership would be well served by obtaining as much data as possible on the used CD business,” said Pam Horovitz, NARM executive vice president.

Other perspectives

“Some companies contend that over the long haul the used CD business expands the primary music business, particularly with respect to breaking new artists.”

The research project is expected to look at the overall size of the used-CD business and the number of stores involved; as well as how much of a store’s total inventory is devoted to used CDs; and a profile of the typical used-CD customer and his/her buying habits.

“The board has also expressed the need to find out to what extent used-CD stores may also be serving as an outlet for product that is obtained through record clubs orthrough radio promotions,” Horovitz said.