Country music artist Garth Brooks will film a TV special from Texas Stadium in September during what the artist terms “the largest country music concert to date,” to be held before an estimated 70,000 fans.

Brooks will again work with Bud Schaetzel, the director behind the successful 1992 NBC special “This Is Garth Brooks,” although Brooks said he has not yet reached a deal with the network for the untitled second special.

The singer is also working with pyrotechnics experts behind such acts as Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson to create effects for the song “Standing Outside the Fire,” one of the tracks from his forthcoming album. Brooks said he and his band will also make extensive use of riggings, elevating themselves high over the crowd, a prospect that has Brooks worried but enthused.

“I’m scared to death, but it’s going to be a blast,” Brooks said. “When the wire is so tight you can walk on it, that’s when the walkin’ is the best,” he says, as a way of explaining his penchant for continually topping his previous efforts.

Tickets for the concert go on sale in Dallas on Saturday. A press conference was scheduled for this morning in Nashville to announce the TV spec.