Cornish exit anticipated at Polygram Music Pub

Colin Cornish is expected to be dismissed today as president of Polygram Music Publishing’s North American operations, according to well-placed sources.

A Polygram spokesman declined to comment, but Polygram Intl.

Music Publishing chief executive David Hockman was said by sources to be en route Thursday to Los Angeles to fire Cornish and possibly several members of his team.

Cornish’s exit has been rumored for several weeks, and one source said Polygram has been turning down Cornish-negotiated deals for some time.

Rumors concerning the reason for his demise could not be confirmed, but are believed to be unrelated to the company’s performance.

Big-money acquisitions

Since his appointment in December 1991, Cornish has spent considerable sums of money on several major acquisitions, including k.d. lang, Snow and the Beastie Boys.

A former managing director of Polygram Music Publishing in Australia, he was the hand-picked successor to Lionel Conway, who was upped to chairman and later exited the company.

Several senior Polygram Music exex have exited the company recently, and others were reported to have been talking to other companies. No immediate successor to Cornish is expected to be named.