Pearl Jam made an unexpected side trip to Johnny Depp’s Viper club on Sunset Wednesday night.

Playing a warmup set for their MTV appearance, the band tore through old and new tunes, including “Alive,” “Once” and “I’ve Got a Feeling.”

Lead singer Eddie Vedder said, “It’s weird playing in a club that I know a couple of years ago wouldn’t let me in,” mocking the guest-list-only venue that was formerly the Central.

“You seemed like a nice guy, Johnny,” Vedder said from the stage. “But you turned a cool dive into a trendy club, and I can’t forgive you for that.”

Depp, fresh from a role in Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood,” had played with his own band the night before. In attendance were director Jim Jarmusch and actors Adam Baldwin and Katie Wagner, as well as honchos from Pearl Jam’s agency International Creative Management.