See How They Run

Opened May 7, 1993; reviewed June 6; runs through June 27.

Opened May 7, 1993; reviewed June 6; runs through June 27.

Ida … Ellen Treanor

Miss Skillon … Janet Raycraft

Rev. Lionel Toop … Thomas Hillman

Penelope Toop … Shirley Anne Harrison

Clive Winton … John McDaniel

Intruder … Alan Johnson

Bishop of Lax … David Schall

Rev. Humphrey … Jim Bullock

Sergeant Towers … Tim Farmer

See How They Run” is a witty, fast-paced farce, precisely timed and well directed. Masterful writing and a well-rounded cast create a lighthearted, entertaining experience.

Playwright Philip King has written over a dozen comedies and farces. This one , premiered in 1945, still has a timeless quality.

Take an English Vicar, Lionel Toop (Thomas Hillman), and his actress wife, Penelope (Shirley Anne Harrison); add a disgruntled old maid parishioner, Miss Skillon (Janet Raycraft), and four men in clergymen’s suits.

The result is a mad dash of mistaken identities, running, hiding and door-slamming, plus tradition, convention, morality, class struggle, inebriation and propriety.

Kristina Lankford’s direction keeps the writing crisp and current, the comedic timing crackling, and the actors on their toes.

The nine-member ensemble is a perfectly balanced cast. Ellen Treanor steals her every scene as the unflappable housemaid who finds each of her employees in a compromising position.

Set designer Tim Farmer has created a spectacular old-world set, filled with the abundance of doors and doorways that every good farce needs.

Shon LeBlanc created lush, imaginative costumes from an elegant era, which further emphasize the rigid British social system.

See How They Run

(Crossley Theatre, Hollywood; 99 seats; $ 12 top)

  • Production: The Actors Co-op presents a two-act play by Philip King. Produced by Alan Johnson, David Schall; director, Kristina Lankford.
  • Crew: Set design, Tim Farmer; costumes, Shon LeBlanc; lighting/sound design, Alan Falkner.
  • Cast:
  • Music By: