WGA unveils hiring booklet

The Writers Guild of America has recently published a guidelines booklet as to what industry practice should be in the hiring of writers for feature films and longform television.

Prepared by the joint WGA/Industry Committee on the Professional Status of Writers, the 24-page booklet discusses what is preferred form in terms of meetings between writers and producers.

The booklet, which discusses areas outside the WGA’s minimum basic agreement, includes hints on how to properly handle such things as giving notes to writers (“strong preference should be given to delivering one set of notes to a writer, rather than multiple sets from each producer and executive”) and allowing first writers on projects to get first shot at rewrites.

Other areas of discussion include payment being made to writers before rewrites are discussed and the inclusion of writers in previews, premieres, film festivals, press junkets related to a film’s opening.

The booklet currently is being distributed industrywide.