Since unspooling at the Cannes Film Festival, Trans Atlantic Entertainment/IRS Media Intl.’s “The Music of Chance” has already generated more than $ 1 million in international sales.

The film, which was directed by Philip Haas and stars James Spader and Mandy Patinkin, is the first project from TAE and IRS, the two diverse companies that teamed last year in a joint venture to finance and produce movies.

The initial lineup of international territories in which the film will be released include the U.K., France, Spain, Germany, South Korea, South Africa, Australia, Scandinavia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Iceland and Poland.

According to Paul Rich, president and CEO of TAE, a company known for such films as the “Hellraiser” and “Children of the Corn” series, admits that he was surprised at the quick foreign sales for “The Music of Chance.”

“Since this was our first venture on a different kind of film for us, we were a little bit tentative,” Rich admitted. “But we found that there was a bigger world out there for these kind of films. It’s a credit to the film industry that these kind of films are getting this kind of attention and acceptance.”

Rich also explained that the foreign buyers have guaranteed P&A funds for the release of “The Music of Chance.”

“The important thing is that there are guarantees of different amounts of P&A in each country,” Rich said. “That assures that we will get a good launch. It’s their money, which means that they believe in the film.”

Rich said the first opening of the film will probably be in September in Australia. Most of the others will roll out in the fall.