Shire takes ‘Stand’ as helmer bow

New Horizons/New World will co-venture on “One Night Stand,” the directorial debut of actress Talia Shire. The low-budget thriller, to star Ally Sheedy and A Martinez, will go before the cameras July 12.

Executive producers on the project are Jack Schwartzman (Shire’s husband) and Roger Corman. The latter was also responsible for launching Shire’s brother, Francis Ford Coppola, on a directing career 30 years ago with “Dementia 13.” Shire’s first screen credits were in Corman productions.

The tale of a woman who turns the tables on a stalker, “One Night Stand” was written by Marty Casella. It co-stars such stalwarts of the unofficial Coppola rep company as Frederic Forrest and Don Novello. Alida Camp is the producer.

Looking for project

Schwartzman said Shire had been looking for a property to make the step into directing. The two have been partnered as producers of several films.

Other Coppola family members to join the directing ranks include two Shire nephews. Christopher Coppola has made “Dracula’s Widow” and “Deadfall,” while Francis’ son, Roman, has made several shorts and videos and is attached to “Von Helsing,” a continuation of “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.”