School district may cut on-campus filming fees

The Los Angeles Unified School District Board next week will consider a proposal to decrease filming fees on school campuses by 50% while reducing the number of mandated city employees that are currently required on set.

The plan, which made its way through an initial school board committee sesh Thursday, would simplify filming on the more than 800 campuses located within the L.A. Unified School District.

At this point, filming fees on school campuses are $ 3,000 a day, as compared to $ 300 a day on city-owned property. With the additional city employees that must be hired and other related costs, filming expenses can sometimes reach as high as $ 7,000 per day, according to Beth Kennedy, the mayor’s film liaison.

Currently, film companies have to get permission from the principal at the school where they want to film, then take the matter back to the school district to be paid (and the district will only accept a cashier’s check, not a production company check). While the host school receives 50% of the fees, that school usually doesn’t see the money for two to three months.

The plan that will be brought before the school board July 1 proposes to reduce fees to $ 1,500 a day, and also to streamline procedures for obtaining filming permits.