Sylvester Stallone, enjoying his renewed visibility with TriStar’s “Cliffhanger,” will be honored June 22-24 in St. Petersburg, Russia, at the annual tournament of the Intl. Martial Arts Club.

The tournament, held in Russia for the first time, will be the highlight of a week-long martial arts fest titled “Free Russia”– a reminder that the tricolor has flown for only two years since the hammer and sickle was lowered from Leningrad rooftops.

Stallone, who is currently shooting the WB pic “Demolition Man” in and around Los Angeles, will be unable to accept his special award, to be presented by St. Petersburg mayor Anatoly Sobchak. Nikolai Smirnov, director of the Intl. Martial Arts Club, will be accepting instead.

“I’m honored to be recognized by the Russian people and all the members of the Intl. Martial Arts Club,” said Stallone in a statement. “It’s exciting to think that they are now able to hold their annual tournament in Russia, where martial arts is such a popular pursuit.”